Garmin Lily Ladies Smartwatch Collection Announced

Garmin Lily Ladies Smartwatch Collection Announced

Garmin is taking a step back from its customary masculine-styled smartwatches with the release of the new Garmin Lily Ladies smartwatch, a collection targeted entirely at women. The dainty 34mm watch case is available in two variations: the Garmin Lily Classic and the Garmin Lily Sport. Both designs are exact in their functionality and differ only in their choice of material, delivering a classy and elegant smartwatch for active women that still want to look the part.

The Garmin Lily is truly a first-of-its-kind smartwatch: feminine, sophisticated and rooted in fashion with important health and fitness features,” says Susan Lyman, Garmin vice president of global consumer marketing. “Garmin remains committed to creating products that fit the needs of our female customer and in this case, it’s a small, on-trend smartwatch with features designed for today’s active woman.”

Health & Fitness Features

As well as being an attractive accessory, the Garmin Lily smartwatch appears to be capable of leveraging the same technical ability as some of Garmin’s popular men’s smartwatch collections like the Vivoactive. It targets ladies that are both active and sociable with some new features for wellness, menstrual cycle, and pregnancy tracking. These women’s health features are designed to support women during each stage of their reproductive cycle and allow you to log symptoms beside other heath data in the Garmin Connect app.

Other health awareness features on the Garmin Lily smartwatch include a wrist based heart rate monitor with user-configurable alerts for high or low readings, a Pulse Ox detector for on the spot readings of your blood oxygen, stress tracking, hydration monitoring, advanced sleep tracking and a Body Battery energy monitor which shows your body’s current energy level to help you schedule in workouts, rest times and sleep. Lovers of yoga will enjoy the breathwork activity guides which take you through a relaxing series of breaths and holds for focus and stress relief.

Workout-wise, the Garmin Lily Ladies smartwatch collection delivers a wide range of pre-loaded sports apps for almost all activities. Some of the more popular ones include yoga, pilates, cardio, treadmill and swimming. Each of these activities can also be used alongside a compatible smartphone’s GPS function to track outdoor walks and runs. As standard, the Garmin Lily will also monitor your activities throughout the day including step counting, intensity minutes and calories burned.

Smart Features

Connecting to loved ones has never been more important in the current climate and the Garmin Lily Ladies smartwatch collection ensures all-day connection with a huge range of smart and social features. On the display, you can receive smart notifications for incoming calls, text messages, social media updates and alerts and for Android phone users, you can even respond to texts directly from the smartwatch.

The Garmin Lily also boasts a calendar view and safety tracking so you can let your friends and family track your activity in real time, providing them with peace of mind when you’re out exploring. Sadly, the lady’s smartwatch collection doesn’t seem to include any music storage or control of smartphone music which would have been a nice touch; it also lacks any speaker or microphone to dictate text responses.

Display & Battery Life

It’s clear that Garmin’s intentions for the Garmin Lily were to keep the size compact and feminine and that’s exactly what they’ve done with a 1.3 inch monochrome LCD display with a resolution of 240×240 pixels. Gorilla Glass is used to protect the display and to keep the case even more restrained, there are no buttons on the watch itself, leaving the device operatively entirely by the touch screen display.  

Uniquely, the Garmin Lily Ladies smartwatch collection also delivers a metallic patterned lens that can be seen when the display is both on and off. The stunning etched background gives the watch a really pleasant look. Regarding battery life, Garmin have suggested the Lily Classic and Lily Sport will provide up to 5 days before in need of charging. While all other Garmin smartwatches have used the same charging port, the Garmin Lily will be charged using an alligator-style clip that clasps over part of the screen.

Design Options

The difference between the Garmin Lily Classic and the Garmin Lily Sport is entirely in its design. The Classic version is available in three variations each with a metal case and a choice of leather straps. The Sport version, on the other hand, is engineered from fibre-reinforced plastic casing and paired with a choice of silicone straps. As already mentioned, the specs and features of both the Garmin Lily Classic and the Garmin Lily Sport are said to be the same.

The Garmin Lily Classic is available in dark bronze with a dark mauve leather strap (010-02384-B0), cream gold with a black leather strap (010-02384-B1) and light gold with a white leather strap (010-02384-B3). The Garmin Lily Sport is available is cream gold with a white rubber strap (010-02384-10), rose gold with a light sand rubber strap (010-02384-11) and midnight orchid with a matching dark purple strap (010-02384-12).

Price & Availability

Solely on its addition of more premium materials, the Garmin Lily Classic is the more expensive out of the two retailing at £229.99 each while the Garmin Lily Sport retails at £179.99. You can shop the Garmin Lily Ladies smartwatch collection on the Jura Watches website here where it is currently available with free delivery and interest free finance.

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