Hamilton unveils Ventura tribute to King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s 80th Birthday!

Hamilton unveils Ventura tribute to King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s 80th Birthday!

hamilton 3“I’m not trying to be sexy. It’s just my way of expressing myself when I move around”. A famous quote from the king of rock and roll himself but possibly a subconscious notion that I think
must have had in mind when they etched the first ideas of the Ventura Elvis 80 onto paper. Celebrating Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday, the new line of the H
amilton Ventura has flourished with its stunning shield-shaped case, mastering even more technical capabilities paired with a revamp to its external costume. Cosmetically the design has gone through a number of material makeovers this year to become an architectural work of art and one that will be well received by lovers of not only the Hamilton brand, but the famous iconic figure himself.

The connection between Elvis and the successful watch brand owned by Swatch Group Ltd, first started in 1961 when during the filming of the Blue Hawaii, Elvis sported the Hamilton Adventure Watch. Since then the brand have been paying tributes to the American singer and actor known as one of the most significant of cultural icons within the 20th Century ever since, marking the milestones of his success long after his death. Sharing similar personality traits to the Ventura XXL Graceland model, the new Ventura offspring has a sharper dial, enhanced by splashes of vibrancy and energy in notable places. Breaking new textural design, the integrated case is underlined by a polished, smooth and hamilton 1silk-like surface. The triangular shape comprises of a constitution of steep slopes, contemporary contours and angular steps, encasing a crystal curved dial, yet the overall look of the watch is that of a gentler and more subtle outcome. The attachments join the watch case with perfect geometrical symmetry, a reflection of Hamilton’s proficiency in design complexities. A contemporary case – yes, however the watch retains its archetypal deltoidal format without effort.  The stylish orange second hand passes minute markings between 12 and 3 o’clock in the same hue, set on a trapezoid base. A uniquely engraved crown at the 3 o’clock location sets the black PVD coated framework off, synthesised perfectly with the jet black rubber or optional leather fitting. The black domed dial is encased by an anti-reflective sapphire glass, protecting a set of high visibility hands hamilton 2nickeled with white Superluminova® . The dimensions of the watch are 42.5mm by 44.6mm housed by the Hamilton movement H-10 in the mechanical version. Coincidentally the watch also has 80 hours of power reserve, a fitting number for the stunning celebratory tribute. Although broad and dramatic, refreshingly the watch is unisex, attracting a welcoming attention from all angles of Hamilton’s close following. As well as having a choice on colour, the watch also comes in Automatic or Quartz version – the latter presented in three finished variations of rubber, leather or bracelet, all of which are accommodated by a stainless steel case.

Along with other novelties that the brand have released at the annual Switzerland showcase this time around, it seems Hamilton have carefully thought out this new innovation of the Ventura Elvis80 in great detail, allowing it to reach levels of excellence in all areas whilst its versatility approaches a wide audience also. A little like Elvis himself – commercially successful and sensationally acclaimed on a highly accomplished level, the Ventura Elvis80 is destined to thrive after its launch at Baselworld 2015. Just as Elvis’ amalgamation of rhythm & blues and country rock ‘n’ roll coincidentally sailed ahead of its time, so will this new sensational timepiece.

Pre-orders are now being taken for the Hamilton Ventura Elvis80 here.


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