Sinn reveal sensational new Basel 2015 Collections!

Sinn reveal sensational new Basel 2015 Collections!

Sinn has gone all out this year to produce some sensational new models to lead their already well established collections in a new and wonderful direction. Their watches encapsulate impressively tough and highly durable timepieces built for the most extreme of conditions. You only need hold one of these beautifully engineered mechanical constructions in your hand for a few brief seconds to understand the level of craftsmanship that they behold. Let us take a look at what Sinn has unveiled this week at Baselworld 2015.sinn1

One remarkable watch that has been in the making since the last Showcase is the U212. Sinn were the very first pioneers to manufacture proficient diver’s watches that complied with European diving equipment standards andsince then have been excelling in their field of expertise. The new U212 is limited to 300 pieces and is the largest diving watch from the brand to date. 47mm in diameter, the complete piece is made from black hard coated, high strength, and seawater resistant steel from German submarines. The captive diver’s bezel makes for a beautiful contrast against the soft ivory tones of the indices, numeraSINN 2ls and hands.

The EZM 7 Mission Timer is dynamic and animated. Subject to 300 pieces, the vibrant and energetic collection is available on four different straps. Reliable from –45°C  up to +80°C, the watch is also fog-proof, scratch resistant and resilient to penetrable factors such as dust, water and magnetic forces.  The special Limited Edition was created for those subjected to challenging conditions such as that of the rescue service or fire brigade. Adding an extraordinary shot of colour into the dial and colour coded rotating bezel makes for SINN3a fascinating stroke of genius.

The SINN Pilot watch EZM 3F is a classic looking Pilot’s watch with a stroke of magic – a countdown bezel and magnetic force protection! The clever layout of functional aspects allows the wearer greater freedom of movement and thus ease of use, with the location of the crown being on the left hand side of the bead-blasted case wall. The watch is equipped with Ar-Dehumidifying technology adding leverage to reliability. The self winding mechanism has a nickel-free case back and has a pressure tested sapphire crystal glass front.

The Sinn 606SINN48  – The Frankfurt Financial District watch combines practicalities with pleasure. The technical details of the watch are in keeping with the original aesthetics of the range, yet still managing to attach a considerable degree of added charm and character. The design features remain aesthetically pleasing with exquisitely decorative subtleties such as the bull and bear rotor engraving, a sunburst effect to the electroplated dial and luminous painted minute and hour hands against a jet black face. The 6068 seamlessly offers outstanding clarity with simple performance.

The Sinn 903 B E is a unique breed of vintage navigation chronograph. PurpoSINN5seful to those who adore timepieces with performing analogue calculations, the dark blue dial is the perfect companion for the luminous ivory coated indices and hands. The additional crown can be used for rotation of the slide rule bezel with logarithmic scale. Mathematical operations such as division, multiplication and cross-multiplication along with fuel consumption, speed and distance are all possible within one device and that is just what Sinn devotees love about these highly skilled instruments.

Finally the Sinn 240 on stainless steel bracelet is stamped with the brand’s distinguishable attributes of workmanship throughout its design and blueprint. With an interior Pilot’s SINN6bezel and a day date function, this watch unites the basic functions of an everyday watch with aesthetically traditional characteristics. Clarity and key functions are paramount to the designers at Sinn and this new timepiece correlates a mixture of pilot resonances with sporty twists.

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