The Concept Behind CT Scuderia Watch Collections!

The Concept Behind CT Scuderia Watch Collections!

CT Scuderia wct scuderia 1atches are without a doubt, unique concepts to many within the world of watch collecting. Their unparalleled collection of meticulous timepieces that capture the essence of motorcycling, together with the mechanics of Swiss construction, are a highly distinguished breed of their own – and rightly so!

When it comes to sport-infused watches, many brands such as the likes of Tissot have touched on the motorsport industry by producing a number of timepieces which symbolise their partnership with the MotoGP event each year. Then there is the likes of the TAG Heuer Formula 1 series, launched in 1986 to mark the partnership between the Swiss experts and McLaren in the auto-racing world. Yet when it comes to CT Scuderia watches, no other brand seems to manage creating the concept of both man and machine on symbiotic display together, embracing a unity, if you like, of both passion, endurance and technique in the way that these watch experts do. CT Scuderia watches appear to morph into the motorcycle itself, becoming one with the elite sport-racing universe. The brand have taken a very simplistic and unique approach to nurturing their distinct DNA.  Unlike many watch brands of today who take small fragments of inspiration from the sporting industry, these timepieces ct scuderiaq 2encapsulate the very character and existence of the motorbikes themselves. The Italian works of art consist of fine contours and intricate detailing of highly refined, instrumental craftsmanship, courtesy of designer Encrico Margaritelli who brings his life experiences, ideas and visions to the dashboard of these remarkable masterpieces.

CT Scuderia are now on their third generation of watchmaking expertise. Enrico took his biggest inspiration from his grandfather, Ariodante Margaritelli, a dedicated watchmaker in Parma who supplied his high-precision, technical instruments to the Military during both World War I and II. Many design cues have remained the same from these original prototypes, however Enrico Maragritelli has clearly taken great pride in implementing new patterns, unusual lines and abstract shapes as a result of hours of experimental work. Among the many innovative concepts that can be instantly admired within the CT Scuderia range, the most eye catching feature has to be the crown and pushers situated at the top of the case near to the 12o’clock hour position. The timepieces effortlessly take on the look of a stopwatch, bearing beautifully bold dimensions of 46mm in ct scuderia 3diameter and hefty depths which unpredictably, sit pleasantly on the wrist. The case itself can also be separated from their highly resilient straps to be used as a stopwatch held either by hand, or alternatively worn around the neck. CT Scuderia watch company have clearly considered their audiences with great significance, allowing for these versatile weapons to be used as and however the proud owner wishes. Using the same leather which is used in the interior decoration of luxury sports cars, the handmade material is tailored to fit snugly on the wrist whilst allowing air to circulate through the underside, keeping the skin cool and dry. The leather straps are also interchangeable with ultra soft silicone straps with extra large, reinforced stainless steel buckles, which you will be pleased to know, also remain pleasantly lightweight when adorned! The designs which grace the CT Scuderia collections are a playful palette of colourways, allowing for an almost Kaleidoscope effect of Italian red, greens and whites. Influenced by the Cafe-Racer motorcycle models themselves, the timepieces embody the lightly-powered and lightweight profiles, optimized for speed and handling over short distances. Some CT Scuderia watches mirror the pct scuderia 4rofiles of those models which were only manufactured in small numbers, cementing great connections to the past and making a lasting mark in motorcycle history. Each unique case back is embellished with the Italian flag and decorated with enamel colours, situated on a case construction which is made from Hand Made Industrial Art. Horns at 6 o’clock are cleverly applied by screws which differ from those screws used for the pushers and crown at the top of the framework. The quartz-powered family of Italian-inspired tools are an ergonomic breed, acting as tidy metaphors for the intoxicating cafe-racer society.

More information on the CT Scuderia experience ca be found here.

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