Introducing the New Bremont America’s Cup Series Special Edition!

Introducing the New Bremont America’s Cup Series Special Edition!

Inspired by the love of flying historical British aircraft, the Bremont brothers have always kept aeronautical engineering close to their hearts with a plethora of beautifully crafted mechanical wristwatches, built for those with an affinity to the aerospace industry alike. However, this year Bremont have seized the opportunity to launch a new generation of watches who go by the name of the ACI and ACII. The sensational Bremont watches have been developed as a result of becoming the only official timekeepers of the America’s cup since 1851 and nurture strong maritime influences – another genuine passion shared between the brothers who began their exquisite watch making in the year of 2002.

ACI 1aci 2The two special edition watches encompass the engineering, heritage and adventure of the Cup, and with both flying and sailing in the brother’s blood, Bremont and the America’s cup seem a  natural fit, fusing the knowledge of yacht construction with clock manufacture to produce two timepieces that help to support and promote the prestigious event. The new collaboration sees similar fundamental design characteristics from Bremont’s previous innovations such as the Bremont Victory which used original wood and copper from the only surviving 18th century warship in the world and the Bremont B-1 Marine, created as a tribute to the work of John Harrison, responsible for producing the first ever marine chronometer. The Bremont ACI and ACII however, offer an entirely new experience in timereading. The two variations offer practicality and durability on very different levels, yet effortlessly share the same sleek air of professionalism, despite their extraordinarily differing looks. The ACI uses the calibre 13 ¼ BE-36AE which provides 38 hours of power reserve and bears a Bremont moulded and skeletonised decoration to the rotor. On the other “wrist”, the Bremont ACII houses the 13 ¼ BE-50AE which can be viewed through the anti-reflective and scratch-resistant sapphire crystals glass back. The movement offers an astonishing 42 hours of power reserve and an oscillation of 28,800 per hour. The call for a differing movement within the ACII is of course, due to the expertly, hand-assembled “Auld Mug” embossed chronograph sub-dials that grace the white lacquered dial which hosts blue steel hour and minute hands and classic Arabic numerals to decorate the outer periphery. Although both models showcase a subtle date aperture above the 6 o’clock location and the Bremont America’s Cup lettering which resonates in a crisp black hue, the Bremont ACI offers a much simpler and clearer face. The purity within the grey “Auld Mug” embossed dial creates a beautiful contrast against the polished stainless steel bezel which frames it, whilst the Bremont ACII achieves ultimate elegance with its finely sculpted 18ct rose gold contours, dressed on a rich chocolate brown leather strap. The Bremont ACI and ACII special edition models are water resistant to 100 meters and COSC certified to cement their authenticity.

The finished timepieces perfectly reflect both sailing technology and aviation principles to create two phenomenal aci 3weapons which can be used not just for sailing, but within the world of aviation also. Bremont brother, Nick English explains how the excitement and enjoyment associated with timekeeping for the maritime and aeronautical industry does not stop at creating a new product, “As with all our partners we will look to learn from them and work closely on a technical level but we also intend to explore the Cup’s rich history”. The unique fusio
n of cutting edge innovation and classic design was instrumental in the Cup’s selecting of their official timekeeper. Director of America’s Cup, Russell Coutts explains: “Bremont partnering with the America’s Cup and ORACLE TEAM USA is hugely exciting because we aci 4love what they have done as a business, their products and what the brand stands for. We wanted to work closely with a company that brings passion and expertise to engineering to create world class products.”

More information on the Bremont ACI and Bremont ACII can be found here.

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