Alpina Watches Become The New Official Timekeepers For The 2015 Skyrunner!

Alpina Watches Become The New Official Timekeepers For The 2015 Skyrunner!

The Swiss Family-owned Alpina Watch company have become the official timekeepers for the 2015 SkyRunner® World Series & European Championships!

The expertly manufactured mechanical tools of time, produced by Alpina Watch Company are produced from exceptionally robust materials and present a selection of cutting edge designs which adapt perfectly for those competing in the annual circuit. The 2015 Skyrunalpina smartwatch 1ner World Series consists of high-altitude running which stretches mountain ranges across the world. Discovered in 1992, Skyrunning involves 34 member countries and is governed by the International Skyrunning Federation (ISF). The titles and medals awarded for the event are measured by technical difficulty and vertical climb as well as distance.

Alpina watches are undoubtedly, the natural choice for official timekeeping during the championships seen as they are built to withstand extreme external conditions. Their affinity to natural environments and high altitudes make Alpina Watches the perfect companion during the event. Alpina watches will be present at a select number of events which span from one end of the globe to the other, including the Skyrunning heartland, the Alps to the north region of the Arctic Circle. One key element of the partnership between Alpina watches and the ISF, is that exceptional performance will be rewarded in the form of one of the Swiss watchmakers’ most successful masterpieces to date. The Alpina Horological Smartwatch will award those that have achieved great results according to the “Smart Time Formula” which takes into consideration, gender and age so that each candidate is entered respective of their abilities. The Alpina Smart Time Prize is a recognition based on the highest point of the race and encourages all entrants to literally “reach for the sky” regardless of their physical capabilities. The ISF President, Marino Benedini explainalpina smartwatch 3s:

“Together with Alpina, we studied an exclusive formula to reward runners’ performance according to a smart equalizing algorithm. In this sport the rewards don’t just come from touching the sky! We’re very pleased to be able to encourage all participants with this additional prize which adjusts performance to the age of the athlete.”

Powered by MotionX®, the new Alpina Horological Smartwatch combines the beauty of Swiss Luxury timekeeping with connected functionality. The theory behind the new technical innovation is to provide longevity with high-tech craftsmanship. Analogically displayed by the laser-cut hands, the Smartwatch has no digital display, linking a naturally classic design with a preserved sense of elegance. The watch is capable of bi-directional communication with both Android and iPhone apps.

The Alpina Horological Smartwatches are cleverly mapped and encourage an easy-to-read layout. The Smart counter is placed at 6 o’clock. Indicating the date during the day and the moon at nighttime – the red hand pays compliment to the steel hand which shows the percentage of sleep or activity. Additional features of the watch include Sleeptracker® sleep monitoring, activity tracking, sleep cycle alarms and Get-active alerts. The patented MotionX sensor fusion manages to accurately track sleep and activity patterns to present the correlated information onto real time, using the Smartwatch dial. The device smoothly synchronizes to Apple and Android platforms with ease using simple and easy-to-understand highlighted graphics. An intelligent coaching feature provides the wearer with the ability to self-improve their lifestyle by using daily feedback to re-train the body and change behavioral patterns.

Alpina CEO, Guido Benedini concludes:alpina smartwatch 2

“Innovation, when combined with purpose, becomes progress. At Alpina, our innovations are exclusively devoted to serve the functional and design needs of those individuals challenging the hardest places on earth – such as the Alpine summits – home to Skyrunning. The best example is our new Horological Smartwatch. We are proud to partner with the ISF, which is leading the phenomenal worldwide growth of trail running”.

More information on the Alpina Horological Smartwatches can be found here.

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