The Benefits Of Buying A Pre-owned Watch.

The Benefits Of Buying  A Pre-owned Watch.

Second-hand watch collecting is on the rise. With more and more established brands on the luxury watch PO 1market today, the quality of a pre-owned watch is so high that more often than not, a watch that has come from a previous life can fill the void that a new timepiece would do. Looking to buy your first pre-owned watch can sometimes become a stressful journey. With so many functions, styles, gadgets and movements to chose from, the overpowering sense of temptation can sometimes cloud your judgement on a real, true mechanical timepiece. So what should a pre-owned watch offer you in terms of satisfaction, reliability and quality?

It may seem like a basic question, but many who are new to the concept of purchasing, trading or selling a pre-owned watch can get lost in not only the decision making process, but also what to expect. Whilst as a buyer of a pre-owned watch it is important to set your own expectation in regards to standards of quality and aesthetic condition, it is also equally important to consider that the watch may have had years of wear from its former owner. Are you looking for an antique PO 2investment which may have lost its youth but will continue to grow in value, or a significantly young wristwatch (maybe the last predecessor of the latest TAG Heuer Formula 1 watch) which only bears mild clues to a past life? The age of a pre-owned watch can therefore span from a few months old to a few decades old! Everyone has their reasons for desiring a pre-owned watch. Whilst there are enthusiastic investors out there that will look no further than purely second hand timepieces for their collections, other watch lovers prefer a mix of both new and used watches, whereas this may be the first time a second hand watch has been considered by one watch collector, who yearns for their very own Cartier watch or Breitling model.  When looking to purchase you pre-owned watch from a company it is important to ensure you are buying from an authorised dealer of that brand. (LINK) Pre-used luxury watches can range from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand pounds and not everyone who dreams of a high-end watch can afford one, thus opening up a market for replicated fakes. Like with all established luxury watch brands, used or new – you PO 3get what you pay for! It is also important to check that the pre-owned section of watches are all of considerable quality and similar in merit. A pre-owned timepiece should still bestow the same level of beauty and intricate craftsmanship as it did on its first day of life. Many watch collectors enjoy wearing a timepiece that suggests years of love and admiration from a former life. A dedicated team of trained and highly skilled watch technicians should have the confidence and experience to bring their range of pre-owned watches up to a beautiful standard as well as exercising a keen eye for the style and quality of watches that they are selling. Lastly, ensure that the company that you are buying your pre-owned watch from have an honest and open, trusting nature. To be informed of the dd light scratch on the watch case before you invest in it is better than buying blindly into a watch which you are under the impression should be an in a better condition than what you find it. A company with a dedication to buy high quality and sell high quality is a good starting point.

If you are looking to sell your existing watch in order to obtain a new member to your collection, there are two ways PO 4you can go about it. You can sell your watch by having it valued and agreed at a cash price that is fair for both you and the dealer.  Or you can find a dealer to sell it for you online. Finding a company that will exhibit your watch amongst an extensive range of luxury, high-end collectables can be paramount in pitching your timepiece where it fits most appropriately in order for it to sell for the best price. If you are already a lucky owner of an established luxury watch brand, then advertising your watch amongst a collection of exquisite pre-owned watches will include the likes of Omega watches, Rolex watches, Piaget Watches and TAG Heuer Watches, all of which, like yours, will have undergone specialised reconditioning to bring them up to a beautiful saleable condition. For servicing and refurbishing your watch as well as the selling service offered by the company, a commission will be taken from the price offered to you. You may also wish to part-exchange your watch for a brand new luxury timepiece once the old one is sold.


More information on purchasing or selling your pre-owned watch can be found here.

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