The Extraordinary Meistersinger Circularis Gold Limited Edition.

The Extraordinary Meistersinger Circularis Gold Limited Edition.

Since 2001 Meistersinger have been producing the single-handed wristwatch. Inventing a new way of life for those wristwatch enthusiasts who enjoy taking time at their own pace, the company are proud to present timekeepers that can only be accurately read to five minute increments. The concept is both assertive, minimalist….even pragmatic and has lit the way ahead for Meistersinger watches and their future in developing unique instruments within the mechanical watch industry.

Last year Meistersinger introduced the Circularis range. A meticulous, hand-crafted timepiece which uses the circu 1MSH01 proprietary movement. The Circularis range offered its people a set of new functions and an entirely original model design. Available in three different configurations, the silver sunburst, ivory and blue sunburst finishes managed to accentuate the beauty captured within the modest timekeepers effortlessly. The concept behind the Meistersinger Circularis was to embody a relaxed attitude of self-determined time perception – ideals which run synonymous with the brand’s core value. The Circularis is an extension of the beautiful one-handed revelation, yet one which also merges the aesthetic ideals of designer, Manfred Brassler with his innovative technical standards. Having taken three years in the making, the particularly elegant pieces of craftsmanship ticked all of the boxes desirable to a true collector of a traditional timepiece. Classic, understated with traditional values and independently sourced components. This year, the Meistersinger Circularis have undergone further upgrades and our team were more than happy to explore what the 18-Karat Circularis timepieces have to offer.

circu 2The MSH01 movement features elaborative circular graining and bevelled, highly polished chamfers. The unusual geometry of the bridge was especially designed for the Circularis crop and features gold engraving to the inlay making it a truly remarkable work of art. Bevelled edges and Geneva stripes finish the component with a `hint of finesse, magic which can be viewed through the rear of the exhibition sapphire crystal case back. Developed in Switzerland, the robustly constructed, manually wound movement focuses essential on precision and reliability but also creates a balanced appearance to the timepiece as a whole. The facets and distinctive features of the latest milestone in Meistersinger’s development are a credit to their close working relationship between the designers at their headquarters and skilled technicians in Switzerland. Beating at 28, 800 vph for five whole days running, the proprietary calibre is quite the power reserve. The use of twin in-series mainspring barrels help to deliver energy to the wheel train with absolute smoothness. The new 24 hour deep sapphire blue sunburst and white dial variations are solid offerings from Meistersinger, reinforced by some further breathtaking features.circu 5

The clever recess in the centre of the dial produces a fascinating and constantly changing interplay of shadows and light across the rose gold indices which have been elegantly carved to perfection. The hour digits which occupy the periphery of the dial have been finished in a fine serif typeface with small “30” minute interjections between each hour marker. The layers of textural changes within the dial create structurcircu 6e and vibrancy to each of the limited edition pieces. The absence of a chunky bezel also gives the impression of a wider, clearer face. The design of the 43mm Meistersinger Circularis’ case offers the perfect complement to its surround rose gold lugs and crown. Its 7mm dial edge makes self-winding the instrument a complete pleasure.

Expected to be released in October, more information on the Meistersinger Circularis can be found here.

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