The Watch Strap Guide

The Watch Strap Guide

Whilst many watch enthusiasts place the importance of a watch strap rather low on the spectrum of choosing the strap 3right investment piece, there are still a significant bracket of collectors who apply a rather substantial proportion of the decision making process on finding the right watch strap for their every day companion. Amongst the obvious qualities one should expect out of a watch strap; the comfort, the support and the quality being just a few examples – it should also be worthy of expressing a statement. The humble watch strap made possible the move from a simple pocket watch, to an everyday companion. A timepiece kept close to the skin, for many, makes all the differencstrap 2e between merely having a gadget to pull out of your top pocket having spend the last five minutes fumbling for its chain and prizing it open between a pair of clumsy fingernails. No – a watch strap must be chosen sensibly and with care.


Often overlooked, the strap of a watch is quite often than not the least expensive component of a watch, yet its value to any true wristwatch enthusiasts is invaluable. Not only does a watch strap finish the overall appeal of the watch thus lending itself to the outfit that compliments it, but as an accessory the strap can also be interchanged to reflect one’s mood, style or chosen attire. Watch straps are available in countless variables. With so many colours, styles, textures and quality finishes to choose from, watch accessorising can become enjoyable, fun and creative. Most strap designs that we see today have altered very little from mid-century leather ones. The variety of looks achieved throughstrap 4 different leather straps however, has. Ostrich, crocodile, horsehide, cowhide, and lizard are now available to add an extra dimension to watch wearing. The slightly thicker style leather straps with contrasts stitching are often found on beefy sports watches. The design is often the preferred option for those opting for a watch with an athletic nature that can also be worn underneath a suit for an air of professionalism. The common rubber strap has also been long associated with the sporty type. Supple, comfortable and hard-wearing, a rubber strap also has the added benefit of water resistant properties. High quality rubber straps can now be found on high-end sports watches such as the TAG Heuer Calibre Heuer 01 watch, with perforated holes to allow for the ventilation of air above the surface of the skin.


The common nylon strap is a great choice for a dynamic look. Not only can these material bands add a vibrant strap 5injection of energy to a timepiece, but they are also highly practical. Thanks to their one-piece loop, if one spring bar breaks, the watch remains securely fastened to the wrist still. Lastly, the robust stainless steel bracelet provides the very best in terms of reliability. Not only can both satin fini
shed, brushed and polished affects add a sense of luxury to an outfit when accompanied by silver jewellery for after-dark occasions, but they can also adapt to a versatile sporty role. Stainless steel bracelets are commonly used on divers watches such as this Ball Engineer Master II Diver watch . Many divers watches also equip their solid stainless steel bands with an extra divers extension facility to fasten tightly over a diving suit and other additional underwater equipment.

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