Traser and an American Hero

Traser and an American Hero

Lieutenant Colonel James Megallas is an American hero. Today he’s also a user of Traser watches. While flying between military bases in Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq late at night, Megallas needed a watch that would provide a powerful light for reading. Traser focuses especially on creating products for those in the military, and the focus is usually upon the piece’s luminescent technology. Clearly, it’s a match made in heaven.

But first you need to know a little more about Megallas and how “hero” might even be an underestimation. Quite simply, he’s the most decorated man in the history of the 82nd Airborne Division. Amazingly, he’s a World War II veteran, living a long, full life after being wounded in action multiple times in a number of different campaigns. If there was a battle occurring Megallas was there. He wrote a book about his exploits, “All the Way to Berlin.”

This is a great opportunity for Traser, a Swiss watch company, to align itself more closely to the American market. The U.S. loves its soldiers, especially those of the “Greatest Generation” who are still alive today. Because of that struggle in Europe seventy years ago, a permanent bond was forged between Europe and the United States. As if the two already didn’t share the cultural bonds from immigration, the shared blood of the Second World War ensured mutual dependence. The Cold War only deepened this reality.

Megallas is a symbol of this unity, a famous American endorsing the product of a European company. Moreover, it’s a manufacturer that is a military specialist. There are synergies here, real ones, and it will be interesting to see who else Traser includes in its “true stories” section of its website. It will be hard to find a more decorated individual than Megallas, and we’ll see if they pursue the military rout further.

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