Perrelet’s new Prestige watch, especially for her!

Perrelet’s new Prestige watch, especially for her!

A Rose Gold variant of the Diamond Flower Collection by Perrelet - with 1057 diamonds!We have advance notice of yet another stunning luxury watch to be unveiled at Baselworld next month. This time it is from Perrelet, and the watch is a new prestige edition of their ladies Diamond Flower Collection; the ultimate in a woman’s luxury watch.

Given the time of the year are you thinking about the what two things capture a woman’s attention? Surely diamonds and flowers must rank up at the top of the list. Perrelet have not only brought together both flowers and diamonds, but they have also managed to combine two hitherto largely distinct and separate watch universes: luxury jewellery moving in perfect harmony with high-end, mechanical watch technology.

This is the world that is their Diamond Flower Collection, where jewellery serves the functioning of a mechanical movement. The flower is the lotus-shaped, diamond set rotor on the dial side that rotates softly with the natural motions of the wrist.

Currently there are seven variants in the collection, with different coloured dials and cases in steel, gold and rose gold. Each are exceptional models on which the art of gem-setting on a timepiece reaches new heights, as each are are bejewelled with emeralds, sapphires, rubies or diamonds. At Baselworld, Perrelet will be unveiling their Diamond Flower Duo, with a ceramic in black and white.

Perrelet’s Diamond Flower Collection is available from Jura Watches for anyone needing Valentines gift inspiration.

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