Seiko Continues to Sponsor the 49er Class

Seiko Continues to Sponsor the 49er Class

Since 2007 Seiko has been sponsoring Class events for the International 49er Association. Seiko’s support takes the form of both finance and equipment, targeted at assisting the Association to extend the reach of the sport to new countries and a wider audience.

At the recent World Championships in January held in the Bahamas, Seiko donated its Yachting Timer watches from their marine collection ‘Velatura’ to Gold, Silver and Bronze finalists. Also, Seiko spinnakers and clothing were given by the Association to the up-and–coming generation of 49er crews. The new, striking spinnakers in full sail are pictured here above.

The 2010 Seiko 49er Class World Championships were held at the beginning of January in the waters of the Bahamas. Sixty-two boats from 26 countries participated in the event. Although the USA, UK, Australia and Denmark fielded the largest fleets, there were less experienced crews participating from Argentina, Bermuda and Uruguay. The presence of these novice teams were made possible as a result of the support that Seiko gives to the International 49er Class.

The Spanish team claimed victory with a record-breaking 27 points over their nearest rivals from Australia.

Seiko has just announced a continuation of its sponsorship of the 49er Class until the end of the 2011 season. Seiko has also extended its support of world sailing with an agreement with the 29erXX Class.

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