A New U-Boat for Baselworld 2010

A New U-Boat for Baselworld 2010

The new U-Boat - limited to 999 pieces We have just received news of a new limited edition U-Boat watch to be launched at Baselworld, the World’s most important event for the luxury watch and jewellery industry taking place in Switzerland next month.

At Baselworld last year, U-Boat unveiled their U-42. At 65mm the watch required the widest sapphire glass available in the world. With only 29 pieces produced, and each one made of grade-5 titanium, they are very definitely a collectors piece. At Baselworld this year, U-Boat will be launching a 45mm version of the same model, limited to 999 pieces worldwide.

This new smaller model is fitted with the U-28 movement and has a 40 hour power-reserve.

The winding crown is made up of two parts: one is attached to the movement stem whilst the other is hinged to it with a pivot. This gives a flexible joint configuration which allows the crown to protrude considerably from the watch itself for winding and setting, yet returning it to a protected and hidden position. Compare the positions of the crown in the two photographs.

This type of crown diminishes the side clutter when the watch is in action. Also, this crown is important under certain conditions when it is necessary for activities during which gloves are required, such as underwater operations and environmental practise at Arctic temperatures.

The particular make up of the crown for this watch does not compromise the watch being fully water-tight. The crown and stem’s water-tight protection is guaranteed by a clipping gasket that is made of polytetrafluoroethylene, and also by a specifically designed O-ring twin-arrangement. This enables the U-42 dive watch to be water resistant down to a depth of 300m.

The dial is made with a slab in brass. All engravings on the watch are carried out by mechanical pantograph, including the brass dial which is galvanized and finished with a bright enamel paste.

This year’s model may be smaller than last year’s model, but it is every bit as amazing. Remember it is limited to only 999 pieces worldwide, the U-Boat will be available from Jura Watches, London.

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