Maurice Lacroix – “Follow Your Convictions”

Maurice Lacroix – “Follow Your Convictions”

Some contend that he went pro too early, subjecting himself to the rigours of a professional golf life long before he should have. It could be that by entering the circuit at such a young age that he endured a long, dry, winless streak, a streak that came to an end in June 2009.

His sponsor, luxury watchmaker Maurice Lacroix, was standing by and benefitted doubly. For not only did Justin Rose win “The Memorial” on the event’s fourth day, but he went on win the National AT&T Tournament several weeks later. Clearly, Rose is maturing, growing, and coming into his own as one of the world’s best golfers. The two wins themselves brought him over $2.0 million USD.

It’s safe to assume that Justin Rose is now Europe’s premier golfer. Even better, he’s leading a return to traditional British dominance in the sport. His achievements may go on to inspire whole new generations of enthusiasts in the United Kingdom.

The CEO of Maurice Lacroix was quick to praise Rose, citing him not only as an ambassador second to none, but also applying the company’s slogan of “Follow Your Convictions” to the young man as well. Rose went pro at 17; he chose to believe in himself and despite the winless streak, never doubted himself. If anything, the adversity caused him to work harder to achieve his dreams. For this reason, Maurice Lacroix found him to be an attractive ambassador, one whose attitude actually aligned with the message that the company was trying to convey. That’s a rarity in today’s professional sports. Many times the athlete or individual is chosen simply on the basis of name recognition. There is no resonance between the personal values of that individual and the culture of the company. Justin Rose has always been different, in a good way, and it looks as though that tenacity and conviction is finally paying dividends.

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