Jura has Only One of this U-Boat Watch

Jura has Only One of this U-Boat Watch

This U-Boat watch is limited to 200 pieces worldwide, and Jura Watches has one. Hot off the press, as the saying goes, is news of a World first from U-Boat.

U-Boat have just launched the World’s first Black Titanium watch, pictured here to the left.

This U-Boat watch is the latest addition to the Classico collection of watches. U-Boat watches, just like their original namesake, are bold, aggressive and oversized, and this particular model is 52 mm and weighs in at only 179g.

This model is waterproof to a depth of 200m. As a result, the exhibition glass that usually shows the entire movement has been reduced in size here to minimize the surface over which high pressure has an effect. The smaller exhibition glass means that the focus is on the balance wheel.

The watch has an incredibly light case-build that contains a Valjoux movement and a power reserve of 44 hours at 28,800 alternations per hour.

This truly amazing watch is limited to 200 pieces, and one is available exclusively to a Jura Watches customer today. If you are not fast enough, you will have to choose another U-Boat watch, there are many to choose from.

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