“Junghans is Schramberg & Schramberg is Junghans”

“Junghans is Schramberg & Schramberg is Junghans”

Junghans Watch FactoryOn the subject of watches, the topic of conversation invariably turns towards the Swiss locale and ultimately expertise, it takes a confident brand to set up in its headquarters in Schramberg, South-West Germany. Schramberg is renowned worldwide as a hub of inventors and experimenters, producing many of today’s forerunners in precision mechanics.

Beginning back in 1861 the iconic Junghans watch factory commenced manufacturing components and quickly cemented itself as a captivating success story. Impressive milestones from Junghans started in 1901 when the company was the world’s largest clock maker with a large number of Schramberg’s residents working for the brand – producing over 3,000Junghans mega 1 watches each year. The brand began producing their own watch movements in the 1930s followed by the introduction of chronometers in the 1940s and swiftly being named the world’s 3rd largest chronometer producer in 1956 beaten only by Omega and Rolex.

During the Quartz crisis when many watch brands closed down the ever innovative Junghans, changed direction and introduced the world’s first Radio controlled watch in 1990 – The Mega 1. Hot on the heels of this creation, Junghans announced in 1993 the inclusion of solar power into the radio controlled technology producing the one of the most accurate and environmentally friendly wristwatches in the process.

The Steim family, who took over the brand in 2009, has been heard to utter the quote “Junghans is Schramberg and Schramberg is Junghans” which illustrates how tantamount the town of 5 valleys is with the Junghans watch factory and ultimately identity.

It is clear that the team at Junghans watches are as inspired by the unremitting pursuit of
absolute precision combined with and true innovative spirit as the Steim family at the helm, driving the company forward. Alongside the Steim family, the brand is headed up by the Chief Executive, Matthias Stotz, a successful watch maker graduate who clearly understands the company’s distinct direction.

With strong values, the Junghans philosophy has remained constant over its 154 year extensive history, refusing to compromise on its dedicated aim of bringing together interesting design, traditional workmanship and state-of-the-art technology, across its multi-faceted portfolio of collections.

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