Fortis Watches for Tomorrow Today

Fortis Watches for Tomorrow Today

Fortis Watches have a tradition of futuristic design.The best of Fortis watches and Volkswagen have come together to produce tomorrow’s watch today. The creative minds of Volkswagen Design and the renowned and experienced watchmakers and technicians of one of the leading traditional Swiss watch manufacturer Fortis have developed the ultimate in contemporary chronograph.

And what we have is the Fortis SPACELEADER CHRONOGRAPH by Volkswagen Design, in a limited edition of 2012 pieces.

The watch has a micro-mechanical, high precision automatic movement that is embedded within a black caoutchouc bracelet. This bracelet has been specifically designed for this model to keep the watch firmly positioned on the wrist, and is intended to be both ergonomic and comfortable. The case is highly polished steel, and to one side of the dial the bracelet is continuous – surrounding the crown. The Sapphire crystal is anti-reflective on both sides for enhanced legibility.

The Volkswagen’s distinctive character and the aesthetic clear-cut design we associate with the iconic car has been incorporated in a number of the watch’s more functional features. With good and winning effect. This futuristic watch has already been awarded the iF product design award for 2010. This is award is judged by a panel of international experts and recognises proven design quality.

Fortis Watches are available from Jura Watches in London.

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