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Secure YOUR Dietrich OT2-UK watch now!

Dietrich watches Watch News June 18, 2015 0 Comments
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Guided by his expertise and unique talent, Emmanuel Dietrich has unveiled the newest addition to the small collection of organically-influenced masterpieces. The piercing Dietrich OT2-UK is a bold weapon – make no mistake about that! But the latest interpretation of “life forms” comes with hypnotic properties and delivers an extension of its designer’s passion for inventing tools and toys that…

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Introducing The Fourth Member Of The Organic Dietrich Range. Basel 2015 Release!

Dietrich watches Watch Reviews March 27, 2015 0 Comments
Watch Reviews

Dietrich watches are all about harmonising the senses. A balance between forms, feelings, pleasures and sensations – the four core fundamentals of which Parisian designer, Emmanual Dietrich draws upon to interpret his life experiences through his watch designs. The small collections consist of a delicate but bold and powerful unity. The original three watches, the OT-1, OT-2 and OT-3 manage…

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An Organically Different Timpeiece – Dietrich Watches

Dietrich watches Luxury Watches Watch News December 15, 2014 1 Comments
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Have you discovered Dietrich watches? These futuristic timepieces were created by product designer Emmanuel Dietrich. With 20 years experience designing watches for the likes of Technomarine, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein and Hermes, Dietrich founded his own brand in 2009 where he could truly explore his creativity and magnify his artistic scope. “As a designer, an object-obsessed-daydreamer, you spend your life collecting…

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