Zeppelin and the Golden Age of Travel

Zeppelin and the Golden Age of Travel

zeppelinIn the early 1900s Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin, also and not surprisingly known as the ‘crazy Count from Lake Constance’, created the large airships we know of as the Zeppelins that made historic passenger flights form Germany.

Today, German craftsmanship pays tribute to these bygone days of innovative aviation engineering with a classic brand of watches, for men and women.

Zeppelin watches are stylish and readily recall the golden age of air travel at the start of the twentieth century. The attention to detail on these watches is superb, with features and functions more often associated with timepieces twice their price.

Many of the Zeppelin models are so named to convey a connection to the Zeppelin airships. For example, the ‘Captain’s Line‘ of watches. This range includes the ‘Altimeter‘, a mechanical luxury watch in which the chronograph, altimeter and barometer are all made of titanium. The aviation theme is carried into the ‘Classic Line‘ of watches for women. Here Swarovski stones are added to some of the models to give an added touch of feminine elegance.

Zeppelin watches come in polished, brushed or satin finished cases made from stainless steel to titanium. They have high quality handmade and hand stitched leather straps. The movements are usually Swiss or Russian, and are available as mechanical, automatic or precise quartz movements.

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