V.I.P. Time Watches

V.I.P. Time Watches

VIP-TIME-ITALY-MAGNUMWhen you think a number of watch brands have been going for well over a hundred years, V.I.P. Time Italy is a very recent brand. But, despite its origins in 2005 V.I.P. Time has been quick to produce a winning mix of high quality watch movements and outstanding Italian design. And, their so far brief timeline is nothing if not impressive.

In 2006 the new brand was launched with an attractive limited edition, mechanical automatic watch, that placed a tourbillon escapement in a polycarbonate case. This watch was all but the prototype for V.I.P Time’s Carbon Series, released the following year. This collection makes use of carbon fire dials and carbon fibre straps to create an elegant and distinctive look for the brand.

In 2008 the bold, new Magnum collection, one of which is illustrated to the left, was launched, and has since been developed quite considerably for the 2009 models with diamond and tourbillon features. This collection defines this brand.

Year after year, with an innovative team, V.I.P. Time has produced high quality watches and original, trendy designs that meet the tastes of a mixed clientèle. Their aim has been to provide watches that appeal to timepiece buffs and collectors, as well as those who prefer a more sporty watch without compromising on quality, technology and design.

V.I.P. Time Italy produces watches that immediately convey the sense of a high-end watch, but without being too engaging or too costly.

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