Countdown to Christmas with Baume et Mercier

Countdown to Christmas with Baume et Mercier

For a child there’s nothing quite like the excitement of an advent calendar, each day signalling one step closer to Christmas. It may well be a few years since you experienced that joyful anticipation, but Baume et Mercier is getting us back in the habit.

The luxury watch brand has given the traditional seasonal countdown a modern twist. While most advent calendars contain a festive image and a piece of chocolate, Baume et Mercier has taken a digital route and created their own calendar on Facebook.

Visitors to the Baume et Mercier Facebook page are greeted by a starry sky image, with a new star appearing each day. When clicked, the star reveals a special Baume et Mercier gift, including free downloads, videos, previews of new models and snippets of the brand’s history. The Christmas countdown is the brand’s way of giving something back to the 215,000 people that have joined their social networking fan page.

Chief executive Alain Zimmerman said: “It’s a great way to thank everyone for their continuing commitment to Baume et Mercier, and to celebrate the holiday season with them.”

The brand focuses heavily on the emotional lives of its customers, its slogan stating “Life is about moments”. It is these moments that inspired the seasonal celebration, as Zimmerman says the brand wishes to further strengthen their relationship of “listening and sharing” with fans.

Baume et Mercier is enjoying a powerful social media presence, with fans regularly posting their thoughts and experiences with the brand online.

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