Montblanc Summit Lite UltraBlack Smartwatch Review

Montblanc Summit Lite UltraBlack Smartwatch Review

As part of Montblanc’s first ever cross-category collection, otherwise known as the Montblanc UltraBlack series, the luxury goods manufacturer launched a new edition of their coveted smartwatch. The Montblanc Summit Lite UltraBlack follows in the footsteps of its predecessors with a host of Swiss made technologies but for the first time introduces a new black aluminium case, unique UltraBlack colour watch face and an embossed black leather strap.

Alongside the new Montblanc Summit Lite UltraBlack smartwatch, the UltraBlack series presents a new 1858 Geosphere watch, one which we reviewed in detail here, as well as an abundance of leather goods, a pair of headphones, an edition of Montblanc’s ground-breaking Augmented Paper and a selection of StarWalker pens. Each of the designs are designed to honour the colour that has been a part of the brand’s DNA ever since it’s inception in 1906. It is one of only two colours in the company’s legendary emblem and remains a celebration of timeless modernity. Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO, explains:

“The colour black plays a big part in our Maison’s essence, and is core to the brand’s identity, even as it evolved over the years to become the Maison of Luxury Business Lifestyle. The pieces and their functionality, while unified by their black design, were carefully selected based on the everyday needs and mindset of those who don’t just strive to succeed, but who leave a mark with everything they do, always with meaning and purpose. Montblanc UltraBlack collection offers smart wearable technology for enhanced connectivity, leather pieces for seamless mobility, writing instruments for bold ideas and creativity, watches for audacious elegance.”

As we mentioned, the Montblanc Summit Lite UltraBlack smartwatch retains all the same functionality as it’s brothers and sisters in the Summit Lite collection but differs in it’s black aesthetic. The 43mm case is now engineered from recycled black aluminium giving it a sleeker, more active appearance. The strap also differs in its unique decoration which embossed onto black calfskin leather delivers an original M pattern. An optional watch face follows suit with a special UltraBlack edition dial featuring the same repeating M emblem.  

Other than its exterior, the main focus of the Montblanc Summit Lite UltraBlack watch remains on providing the wearer with a better, healthier and more organised lifestyle. It boasts a wrist-based heart rate monitor and a range of trademarked apps designed to give you a personalised recommendations based on your fitness, sleep and more. The first of these is the Cardio Coach app which gives you workout recommendations based on your current fitness level calculated by your VO2 max as well as live coaching advice. The Body Energy app works nicely alongside this by tracking your mental and physical exhaustion to show your current energy level.

Another of the smartwatch’s apps is a classic Sleep app which gives you a detailed analysis of the length and quality of your sleep as well as how long you found yourself in certain sleep stages. Combining all this data, it will then issue personalised recommendations on how you can improve your sleep quality and thus gain a better daily energy level. Lastly, the Montblanc Summit Lite UltraBlack delivers a stress app for tracking physical and mental stresses at any given time. The app can give advice on when you might need to slow down, helping you get more clarity over your own body’s responses to stressful events. The Montblanc Summit Lite UltraBlack watch remains powered by Wear OS by Google and features a crisp 1.19“ AMOLED display with a 390 x 390 resolution protected by scratch resistant Gorilla Cover Glass. The case is also still water resistant to 50 metres.

Despite being somewhat of a special edition, the Montblanc Summit Lite UltraBlack smartwatch is not part of a limited edition run and can be ordered freely on the Jura Watches website here. If you have any questions about this model or any other Montblanc watch, get in touch with the team by calling 01335 453453 or send us a message at

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