Alpina AlpinerX Smartwatch Review

Alpina AlpinerX Smartwatch Review

Possibly one of the best outdoor smartwatches to ever be released, the new Alpina AlpinerX Smartwatch is on everyone’s lips not only for its impressive functionality but for its unique marketing technique.

Bearing in mind that they are already a highly established Swiss watch manufacturer, Alpina is not a brand that comes to mind when you think of ‘kickstarter watches’. And yet, that is exactly the path they have took. The Alpina AlpinerX smartwatch collection has been released on kickstarter with the intention to take feedback from supporters to improve the design before its final release. Despite being a risky and experimental move on Alpina’s part, the idea seems to be paying off with the Alpina AlpinerX Smartwatch reaching a whole new crowd of customers.

Alpina are no strangers to smartwatches since they have already combined their popular Seastrong collection with handy smartwatch functions. Yet, the Alpina AlpinerX smartwatch takes things one step further with one of the most fully equipped smartwatch designs around. Not only have they included an impressive array of outdoor functions like a world timer, barometer, stopwatch, temperature gauge and compass but they have combined these with their new smartphone app that allows you to receive call and message notifications.

The key thing that is going to attract customers is the brand’s use of combining a real dial and hands with a digital display. The hybrid design is the perfect choice for those looking for a high-tech, sporty looking watch that doesn’t stray too far away from the traditional analog aesthetic that we all know and love. That, and the fact that the watch offers a 2 years battery life unlike most smartwatches that need charging up every few days

The Alpina AlpinerX Smartwatch is full of incredible functions, too many in fact to go into full detail in just one blog post. Nevertheless, on the Alpina AlpinerX smartwatch kickstarter page they have created a helpful chart to demonstrate what the AlpinaX has to offer compared to other popular smartwatch brands. We have included the chart below so you can get a sense of the immense functionality included in the new collection.

There isn’t currently an exact release date for the Alpina AlpinerX Smartwatches but we have our fingers crossed for late June. To keep up to date with the release and to find out where you can pre-order your own, click here.

Specifications: Alpina AlpinerX Smartwatch (AL-283LBO5AQ6, AL-283LNO4AQ6, AL-283LBN4AQ6, AL-283LBN5NAQ6)

  • Case Size: 45mm
  • Case Material: Glass fibre and stainless steel
  • Glass: Convex sapphire crystal
  • Bezel: Bi-directional
  • Smartphone Compatibility: Android and IOS
  • Movement: MMT-283-1
  • Power Reserve: 2 years battery life
  • Water Resistance: 100 metres
  • Bracelet: Rubber in variety of colours

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