Best Smartwatches of 2018 So Far

Best Smartwatches of 2018 So Far

Smartwatches are all the rave at the moment and it’s not difficult to see why. When you can bring everything you need into one place on your wrist it makes getting through the day a lot easier. From text message notification to heart rate monitors to GPS function, watch brands are bringing out some incredible pieces of technology with even luxury manufacturer’s like Breitling and TAG Heuer getting involved. In our rundown of the Best Smartwatches of 2018, we will give you some insight into the important functions of each wearable and their key specifications so you can choose the right smartwatch for you.

Breitling Exospace B55 Night Mission Smartwatch

As the king of luxury watches, all timepiece fanatics were overwhelmed when they first revealed their Exospace B55 smartwatch back in 2015. This year the collection continues to expand with the Breitling Exospace B55 Night Mission and its striking all black finish. The dial boasts a favourable hybrid design with standard hour and minute hands paired with two bold digital displays. Much to everyone’s delight, this Breitling smartwatch is also equipped with the brand’s famous SuperQuartz movement, a movement exclusive to Breitling that is ten times more accurate than a standard quartz watch.

Smartwatch Functions:

  • Backlight
  • Battery indicator
  • Chronograph with flyback function
  • Lap timer
  • Electronic tachymeter
  • Digital perpetual calendar
  • Chronoflight function
  • Countdown timer with independant alarm
  • 7 daily alarms
  • UTC worldtime
  • Bluetooth connectivity with smartphone
  • Call, calendar and text notifications

Garmin Fenix 5X Smartwatch

Garmin are no strangers to designing smartwatches and have become a pretty prevalent manufacturer of fitness trackers and sport watches. Their recent Garmin Fenix 5X smartwatch is the perfect companion for those looking for a running watch, cycling watch or GPS smartwatch since it boasts an exceptional preloaded full-colour TOPO mapping for Europe and wearable navigation features. It also includes their Elevate heart rate monitor technology which allows you track your heart rate on your wrist without having to wear an additional chest strap.

Smartwatch Functions:

  • GPS function with preloaded full-colour TOPO mapping for Europe
  • Preloaded activity profiles
  • Wrist heart rate monitor
  • Performance widgets
  • Connected features including smart notifications and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Up to 12 day battery life
  • Alarm clock
  • Stopwatch and Timer
  • Compass
  • Accelerometer
  • Step counter

TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Smartwatch

Another luxury watch brand that seems to be dominating the wearable world is TAG Heuer and their impressive Connected Modular 45 smartwatch. They were the first watch manufacturer to design and build a smartwatch in Switzerland allowing their Connected range to boast a Swiss-made label. The beauty of these smartwatches not only comes from its impressive array of functions but it’s immense choice for customisability with over 4,000 different options which allow you to change the dial, lugs, bezel, buckle and strap.

Smartwatch Functions:

  • GPS functionality
  • Workout tracking
  • NFC payment ability
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Tilt detection
  • Microphone
  • Smartphone connectivity including smart notifications
  • GMT and chronograph dials available

Movado Connect Smartwatch

A much more sleek and sophisticated smartwatch, the Movado Connect collection features a range of timepieces with over 100 assorted dial designs to choose from. Each dial still boasts their famous solitary dot at 12 o clock but with some gorgeous colour and design variations. Perfect for someone always on the go, the Movado Connect smartwatch brings all the essentials of your smartphone to your wrist including your music, text and social media messages, emails, phone calls and NFC payment functionality.

Smartwatch Functions:

  • Phone call display
  • Email display
  • Google Fit
  • Music display
  • Text and Social media notification
  • NFC enabled
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Microphone
  • Ambient light sensor

Suunto Spartan Ultra All Black Titanium Smartwatch

Another fitness smartwatch giant, Suunto are renowned for their bold and technically proficient smartwatches. Their new Suunto Spartan Ultra All Black watch is a beauty and boasts a lightweight titanium case with a colour touchscreen and an extensive list of smart functions. Essentially a personal trainer on your wrist, this Suunto Spartan watch gives you fantastic insights into your fitness progression and comes with over 80 pre-set sport modes and a chest strap heart rate monitor.

Smartwatch Functions:

  • GPS route navigation
  • Compass
  • Barometric altitude
  • 80 pre-set sport modes
  • Alarm
  • Tilt compensated compass
  • Chest heart rate monitor
  • Step and calorie counter
  • Smartphone connectivity with push notifications

Alpina AlpinerX Smartwatch

The ultimate outdoor smartwatch, the Alpina AlpinerX smartwatch started out as a surprising kickstarter campaign and has now become a highly anticipated release. Also using a hybrid design, the dial comes with both traditional hands and a digital display allowing those moving from analog watches to smartwatches some ease of transition. With a huge range of functions that were designed predominantly for the outdoorsman, the AlpinerX collection is going to be huge hit for those looking for a hiking and walking watch with GPS.

Smartwatch Functions:

  • UV indicator
  • Temperature
  • Barometer
  • Altitude
  • Connected GPS navigation
  • Compass
  • Activity Tracking
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • World timer
  • Smart notifications

Kronaby Sekel Smartwatch

If you are looking for a traditional looking timepiece but with all the high tech functionality of a smartwatch, the Kronaby Sekel collection is going to be perfect for you. Showcasing a stylish and fashionable design, the Sekel watch runs alongside the brand’s phone app where you are in control of its all functions. From contactless payment to music control to smartphone notification, everything you need to keep in touch with the world is there on your wrist.

Smartwatch Functions:

  • Filtered notifications
  • Music control
  • Instant phone recovery
  • Contactless payment
  • Automatic time zone correction
  • 2 year battery life
  • Silent Alarm
  • Stopwatch
  • Remote camera control

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