Testing out the Certina DS+ Customisable Watch Collection

Testing out the Certina DS+ Customisable Watch Collection

Without a skill or tool in sight, you can completely customise the way your Certina watch looks thanks to the Swiss watch brand’s innovative new Certina DS+ concept. Supposing you need a diver’s watch for an adventurous morning and then a formal dress timepiece for a special occasion in the evening, with this ingenious three-part design, you can effortlessly swap around the watch head, watch case and strap to fit your situation.

Watch customisation has been gaining lots of traction lately. Nowadays, most luxury watch brands have innovated their own strap exchange system, whether it’s the IWC’s Eas-X Change straps, Rado’s EasyClip System or the Maurice Lacroix Strap Exchange System. These ingenious technologies allow you to easily swap over straps at a whim, without the need for any tools. Taking this one step further however is the new Certina DS+ concept, a timepiece that offers not just a choice of straps but a range of case shapes too. You can choose from vintage-inspired cushion-shaped cases to diver’s profiles or more contemporary urban stylings; no matter which you choose, they all connect with any of the compatible watch parts in just a few simple steps without any tools.

The Certina DS+ watches are built with a three-part construction: the watch head, watch case and watch strap. Each of the elements are self-contained units that can be combined with any of the styles of the other two. The watch head, which comes with three different dials, is placed from below into one of six stainless steel watch cases. These vary from cases with unidirectional rotating bezels for diving, to urban-inspired six-screwed bezels to vintage-style cases. The watch cases are screwed securely into place using a separate crown on the case. To ensure a complete seal, an innovative gasket made of bio-sourced material is utilised. The strap lugs, which come on the watch case, also integrate Certina’s quick-change system so you can then easily attach the desired strap.

As you’d expect, there’s no shortage of straps either. You can elect three-link steel bracelets or vintage-inspired mesh bracelets, sporty rubber bands or elegant leather or #tide material straps. The number of possible combinations feels endless. We had a go with our own set of Certina DS+ watches and we have to say, they are incredibly intuitive and easy to use. It takes no more than 30 seconds to swap a component over, and everything feels very secure and stable once its fitted together. There’s no risk of damaging or scratching the parts either.

The watch cases come in three styles: Heritage (43.4mm), Sport (41mm), Aqua (43mm) and Urban (40mm). Each feels surprisingly durable on the wrist and offers a 200 metre water resistant rating. The three dial colours, in blue, silver or black, are also generously adorned in Superluminova. The movement is not neglected either with Certina utilising their popular Powermatic 80 automatic winding calibre. It comes with a weekend-proof 80-hour power reserve and a Nivachron balance spring for anti-magnetic protection. The movement is visible through the see-through case back and provides hours, minutes, seconds and date.

There’s a wide number of Certina DS+ watches that you can create, but to start you off, there are three DS+ kits available to order. The Certina DS+ Aqua & Sport Kit takes a dynamic approach, coming with a black sunray finished dial surrounded by a stainless steel marinetime watch case with a black unidirectional rotating bezel or a sporty watch case with elongated flanks and six screws. You’ll also get a black and grey #tide ocean fabric strap and a three-row metal bracelet.

The Certina DS+ Sport & Urban Kit delivers the same sport watch case but one with a gold PVD coated bezel alongside a pure stainless steel urban case. The dial in this set is elected in silver and is joined by gold-coloured indexes, a dark brown leather strap and a Milanese steel bracelet.

Finally, you can purchase the Certina DS+ Urban & Heritage Kit. This one will appeal to lovers of vintage watches with its cushion-shaped watch case with four visible screws which can be swapped out for the bi-coloured sports watch case. There’s also a blue sunray finished dial, gold indexes and two straps: a blue NATO fabric strap or three-row metal bracelet.

If you’d like to learn more about the new Certina DS+ watch collection and shop the DS+ Kits for yourself, head over to the Jura Watches website here. Alternatively, get in touch with the team by calling 01335 453453 or send us a message at help@jurawatches.co.uk.

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