Exclusive Details on the Alpina Horological Smartwatch: Basel 2015 release!

Exclusive Details on the Alpina Horological Smartwatch: Basel 2015 release!

alpina 1Powered by MotionX®, the new Alpina Horological Smartwatch combines the beauty of Swiss Luxury timekeeping with connected functionality. The theory behind the new technical innovation is to provide longevity with high-tech craftsmanship. Analogically displayed by the laser-cut hands, the Smartwatch has no digital display, linking a naturally classic design with a preserved sense of elegance. The watch is capable of bi-directional communication with both Android and iPhone apps.

The idea of the Horological Smartwatch was first put into action after a partnership blossomed between Frederique Constant, Fullpower Technologies and MMT. Cloud infrastructure, firmware and Smartphone applications were provided to MMT from Fullpower along with the schematic design. The development and production of the Swiss movements for the watch were then managed by MMT. The latest Alpina addition successfully culminates aspects of traditional luxury watchmaking, underpinned by a distinct and unconventional high-tech innovation. The working collaboration provides a rich host of synergies and appears to form the perfect synthesis of exquisite Swiss design with modern intention. Together the brands will offer 10+ variations of the Horological Smartwatch this year and continue to be on the lookout for independently lead companies to partner with and share their ongoing successes and strengths potentially driven by  new ideas.

The Alpina Horological Smartwatches are cleverly mapped and encourage an easy-to-read layout. The Smart counter is placed at 6 o’clock. Indicating the date during the day and the moon at nighttime – the red hand pays compliment to the steel hand which shows the percentage of sleep or activity. Additonal features of the watch include Sleeptracker® sleep monitoring, activity tracking, sleep cycle alarms and Get-active alerts. The patentealpina 2d MotionX sensor fusion manages to accurately track sleep and activity patterns to present the correlated information onto real time, using the Smartwatch dial. The device smoothly synchronizes to Apple and Android platforms with ease using simple and easy-to-understand highlighted graphics. An intelligent coaching feature provides the wearer with the ability to self-improve their lifestyle by using daily feedback to re-train the body and change behavioural patterns.

Alpina watches have been the source of various calibres and patents over the years since the brand’s birth in 1883. Today it retains its accustomed sporty appeal tied in with a classic and natural attractiveness – a must have for those technical minded watch enthusiasts who enjoy taking pride in their wrist wear.

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