‘Collections Dior’, Watches for Women

‘Collections Dior’, Watches for Women

dior-watchesChristian Dior has two collections of watches especially designed for women. The La D de Dior Collection, launched in 2003, for the woman, as the advertising says, ‘who decides to wear a man’s watch so that she is always thinking of him’. And the Dior Christal Collection, which launched in 2005 as a tribute to the company’s founder, Christian Dior.

In both of these collections of Dior watches sophisticated watch-making is as much a piece of haute couture as it is a luxury watch.

For the watches in the Dior Christal Collection (as shown to the left) the sapphire crystal is used as never before. Traditionally used only for watch crystals, in this collection the sapphire crystal is cut and encrusted by hand into bezels and straps in a marquetry fashion to create a visual effect that is re-enchanting watch-making.

Sporting the usual Dior palette (red, black, white and purple), these watches are available with a quartz, self-winding or hand-wound mechanical movement.

Watches in the La D de Dior Collection are inspired by 1970s style. There is its classical shape with precious stones, noble and eternal metals and lacquered finish that produces a style that mimics Dior’s fine jewellery. The panther motifs in sapphires or diamonds and black lacquer are added as a tribute to Mitza Bricard, Christian Dior’s muse.

These Dior watches are available in mini or maxi versions, with quartz or Zenith hand-wound mechanical movements.

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