Romain Jerome and the Moon’s DNA

Romain Jerome and the Moon’s DNA

romain-jeromeThe Romain Jerome ‘spirit’ lies in their DNA of famous legends collections. The timepieces in these collections are inspired by and created specifically to pay tribute to some of the great historical legends of our time. In each of the individual watches Romain Jerome adds an authenticated part of that history, the DNA if you like, so that, as they say, their watches have a “strong emotional character and a real soul“.

One of the Romain Jerome DNA collections is the Moon Dust-DNA. The legend this collection honours is the race to reach the moon, achieved in 1969. The design of the collection is inspired by the moon and incorporates the ‘DNA’ of the great players of that race with authentic elements from the aerospace universe.

The lunar-styled dial is based on a mineral deposit including Moon Dust; and the case is made of steel that incorporates steel from the Apollo XI spacecraft. The hands are inspired by the solar panels one sees on a spacecraft, while the small second’s design mimics a landing target. The crocodile leather strap is partly woven with fibres from an ISS spacesuit.

Each watch includes a certificate ensuring that it includes real moon dust particles in the making of the dial, as well as metal taken from the Apollo XI spacecraft for the case.

In an interesting twist, these timepieces are limited to 1969 pieces.

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