SINN WATCHES – SINN Spezialuhren of Frankfurt am Main.

SINN WATCHES – SINN Spezialuhren of Frankfurt am Main.


Helmut Sinn founded the Helmut Sinn GmbH in 1961, he was a blind flying instructor and eventually sold the Sinn Watches business to a Lothar Schmidt on 1st September 1994 mainly for age reasons.

It was from this point in time, and still influenced by the Helmut Sinn philosophy by offering the best watches at the lowest possible prices, while still focusing on fantastic functionality, the company grew into a watch company that was very popular by the people in the know.

Here the Sinn Watch Company stood at a cross roads. The Sinn brand concentrated on technical themes with designs imitating cockpit dials and pilot chronographs.

Lothar Schmidt realised the Sinn Company’s potential and invested in getting the company onto a strong footing for the future. He expanded the range of Sinn watches and developed patented technologies to increase the durability of the watches and the suitability of the Sinn Watches for everyday use.

A theme that is still resonating to this day it is Magnetic Field Protection. The very first solid titanium model 224 featured Magnetic Field Protection and a freely oscillating suspended movement.

Sinn watches continues to make huge strides forward in technical terms in the world of quality watches. The size of the company continues to grow in buildings and personnel where they continue to build robust, durable and precise watches.

Sinn 6099 Finance District Bracelet-Leather

Sinn EZM 9 Testaf Leather

Sinn EZM 13 Leather

Sinn 6052 Finance District Bracelet

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