Junghans Watches – Max Bill

Junghans Watches – Max Bill

The Junghans Watches brand has stood for quality, reliability and passion for more than 150 years. Based in Germany, a very long-established independent watch company designs and manufactures watches that always set high standards and are held in regard through the whole world.

Having close ties to the Junghans Watches company’s location and being committed to the values that Junghans embodies, the owners work hard to maintain traditions and to move purposefully forward to a successful future.

Tradition and an unswerving spirit of innovation are also reflected in the design and engineering of the company’s watches. In this regard the spectrum embraces all current watchmaking technologies: from classic mechanical watches and quartz technology all the way to the company’s own radio-controlled and solar technology.

With innovative prod- ucts ‘Made in Germany’ and an international outlook, Junghans Watches will continue in future to further develop the unique success story of the watch with the star
As one of the most distinctive designers of the last century, the architect, painter, sculptor and product designer Max Bill created an extensive body of work in the course of his life, including one of the most fascinating watch collections of recent decades.

When Junghans Watches commissioned Max Bill to design an everyday consumer object he and the students on the course that he taught at the Ulm School of Design created a wall clock. The logical dial of the kitchen clock, dating from 1956, wrote a new page in design history and became a characteristic feature of his timepieces, evolving into the design of the first Max Bill wristwatches in 1961.

The artist placed particular emphasis on the combination of utility value and beauty, in keeping with the premise “form follows function”. Clarity and harmonious proportions were united in the minimalist designs of the artist.

With clear lines and strive for aesthetic perfection, the design classics of the Max Bill by junghans watches range are still created in nearly the same way.
Max Bill Chronoscope Long, slim hour indices and clearly-styled minute graduation distinguish the face of the max bill Chronoscope.

This design element is also reflected in the chronograph hands, the arrangement of which highlights the symmetry of the timepiece. A second model variant incorporates the numerals in the ty- pography created especially by Max Bill. The unusually-designed pushers complete the design.

Max Bill Quartz In 2014 Junghans is launching men’s quartz watches in the acclaimed max bill range for the first time. The original, purist design of the Bauhaus artist is also evident in the new max bill Quartz models an alternative form of movement that is a positive addition to this successful range.

With a diameter of 38 millimetres and extremely flat case, the timepieces are also intend- ed for women that prefer to wear a larger watch. The models are available with white, silvered matt or dark dial with sunray cut.

Max Bill Ladies The model version specifically for women combines the authentic design with stylish colours and minimalised objectiveness. The clearly-designed dials of the max bill Ladies presents the chronological information in a discreetly attractive form. With its flat case, the timepiece is perfect for lovers of purist design.

The new model of the max bill Ladies line is a distinctive eye catcher: its mirrored dial and silver-coloured Milanaise strap make it the centre of attention.

Max Bill table clock Bauhaus for your own four walls: the max bill table clock is based on the original designs of Max Bill from 1958. Premium materials such as mineral crystal and brushed aluminum combined with a wooden case coated with black piano lacquer to make the clock a real home accessory.

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