Exploring Marco Bicego Jewellery

Exploring Marco Bicego Jewellery

Since 2000, Marco Bicego jewellery has decorated the bodies of women across the globe who appreciate the true luxury of Italian craftsmanship and the elegance of contemporary design. Every necklace, ring and bracelet is created using one of brand’s three signature hallmarks: multicoloured gemstones, hand twisted coil detailing and hand engraved 18 carat gold.

Marco Bicego himself designs and assists in the handcrafting of every piece of Marco Bicego jewellery using the experiences and traditions passed down to him from his father. In their Trissino headquarters in the Veneto region of Northern Italy, they master the art of smelting, hand engraving and their signature coil technique. The Marco Bicego “Bulino” technique is one of their most legendary which involves using the traditional Bulino tool used to hand carve and give 18 carat gold a fine, brushed texture.

The famous Marco Bicego coil technique is another beauty found within their Marrakesh, Masai and Cairo collections. The process involves hand twisting thick stands of gold into tightly wound 18 carat thread to form various shapes and finishes that look truly striking on the body. The same goes for the magnificence of the colourful gemstones decorating many of the Marco Bicego collections like Paradise, Jaipur and Africa. The Italian fine jewellery manufacturer is careful in selecting only the best gemstones to adorn their designs which are then individually cut to offer a one of a kind individuality.

Marco Bicego Necklaces

For women who love to play with different shapes and shades of colour, the Marco Bicego necklace collection is a must for you. The exquisite 18 carat rose gold chains sit elegantly around the neck while the colourful gemstones and intricate detailing capture attention everywhere you go. The Marco Bicego Africa necklaces are captivating, inspired by tribal jewellery and the soft dunes of Sahara. We also love the multicoloured gemstones on the Marco Bicego Paradise necklaces composed of the likes of tabeez cut iolite, blue topaz and pink opal.

Marco Bicego Earrings

You’ll have every excuse to tuck your hair behind your ears with the Marco Bicego earrings collection. These stunning studs and statement drop earrings comprise of magnificent gemstones and elegant hand engraving mastered by Italian artisans. The Marco Bicego Lunaria earrings have been hand hammered and engraved to look like the delicate petals of the Lunaria flower. The Jaipur earrings provide a colourful touch with topaz, Amethyst, citrine and tourmaline decorating the 18 carat yellow gold settings. We particularly love the Marco Bicego Jaipur Two Stone Stud which can be worn two ways: up the ear or as a drop.

Marco Bicego Bracelets

Decorate your wrists with Marco Bicego bracelets to be the centre of attention everywhere you go. These intricate handcrafted designs are the perfect accessory to take your little black dress to a glamourous evening outfit. The Marco Bicego Delicati bracelets exude elegance with their finely detailed chains and diamond motifs designed to inspire and tribute the joy of travelling. For something with a little more sparkle, the Marco Bicego Marrakesh bangles are created using the brand’s iconic hand hammered and hand twisted 18 carat gold ‘corda di chitarra’ technique and decorated with dazzling brilliant cut diamonds.

Marco Bicego Rings

Fall in love with the Marco Bicego ring collection and realise the potential of luxury Italian craftsmanship. There are so many different ring designs to choose from that we wish we had more fingers to decorate. One of our favourites is the Marco Bicego Lucia ring collection available in a simple or statement design crafted from hand engraved 18 carat gold and decorated with a choice of diamonds. We also love the Marco Bicego Masai rings that are inspired by the ornaments typical of the African Masai tribes. These statement pieces showcase a unique style that gives the illusion of stacked rings in one beautifully stylised piece.

If you would like to learn more about Marco Bicego jewellery, head over to the C W Sellors website here where you can find all their latest collections available to order today. You can also discover more luxury jewellery brands at Horologii here.

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