Exploring Georg Jensen

Exploring Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen jewellery and watches are famed around the globe for their breathtaking luxury designs that showcase modern linear styling, artistic expression and remarkable craftsmanship. With more than 100 years’ experience, Georg Jensen have no problem reaching the far corners of the world and spreading joy and elegance with their immaculate creations. From sterling silver bracelets to diamond decorated timepieces, the luxury Scandinavian jewellery brand has yet to fall short in decorating only the most sophisticated of men and women with their designs.

The history of Georg Jensen jewellery is one of hard work and determination. It all started when young Georg Jensen, who grew up close to the forests and lakes north of Copenhagen, became inspired by the wonderous nature around him. His inspiration and artistic skills combined with his ability to identity and support his design talent became the foundation on which Georg Jensen the brand was founded in 1904.

Georg Jensen was not only a talented silversmith but a renowned sculptor and ceramist whose talents continues to be showcased within the Georg Jensen homeware ranges today. But it was the Georg Jensen Silversmithy that was acknowledged as one of the most important in the world, an institution that became instrumental in defining Scandinavian design of the twentieth century. His love of nature remained a crucial part of the brand’s DNA with fruits, blossoms, leaves and other mesmerising organic shapes being found within his work. Sadly, Georg Jensen passed in 1935 but his talent, craftsmanship and avant-garde Art Nouveau style is still at the forefront of the brand today.

Georg Jensen Jewellery

Georg Jensen sterling silver jewellery is loved worldwide for its simplicity, elegance and overall contemporary aesthetic and there are a huge range of designs to choose from. The majority of the Georg Jensen jewellery collections are crafted from high quality sterling silver, with a select few luxury lines featuring rose and yellow gold. But silver became the brand’s first and foremost choice because of its exceptional ability to reflect light and allow both the form of the jewellery and the beauty of the wearer shine through. Georg Jensen also believes that silver is the perfect expression of true Scandinavian design, being sophisticated, understated and timeless all at once.

The Georg Jensen Moonlight Grapes jewellery collection is one of our favourites and is inspired by one of the very first motifs that Georg Jensen himself used on the handle of a silver tureen. The art deco design has become an iconic and contemporary image for the brand, much like the famous Infinity symbol found within the Georg Jensen Infinity jewellery collection that showcases a similarly structural and organic shape that becomes part of the wearer’s own body when worn.

Another range of Georg Jensen jewellery that we absolutely adore is the Georg Jensen Offspring collection, once again using the purity of sterling silver to express deep emotion and never-ending love. The Offspring jewellery line was designed by Jacqueline Rabun who used finely crafted silver to create intertwining designs inspired by our connections with family and friends. Rabun is also behind one of the brand’s newest designer jewellery collections: Georg Jensen Mercy jewellery. This range of sterling silver jewellery uses natural flowing forms to represent the twists and turns of fate that we all journey upon.

Georg Jensen Watches

Scandinavian design at its finest, the Georg Jensen watch collection is the perfect destination for lovers of beautiful and contemporary aesthetics paired with expert craftsmanship and high precision movements. There are a huge range of Georg Jensen watches for men and women to choose from, whether you want a bold chronograph or a classic three hand. You can also instantly see the same natural flowing forms of Georg Jensen jewellery portrayed within their timepieces from luxury styled bracelets to simplistic dial designs that create modern statements on the wrist.

The Georg Jensen Koppel watch collection is arguably one of their most popular for its minimal Danish inspired design which was first debuted in 1978. It’s understated dial designs and fluent lines on the case and hands have become an instant classic while hidden within is a Swiss made movement that promises high levels of precision and performance. For men, we love the Georg Jensen Koppel GMT Power Reserve which immaculately presents a huge range of functions on the dial without becoming too busy and over occupied. For the sophisticated ladies, the Georg Jensen Koppel White Mother of Pearl watches are instant eyecatchers with many of the them boasting diamond dot indices and diamond coated cases.

Another iconic Georg Jensen watch is the Vivianna, a design that blurs the line between jewellery and timekeeping with their structural shaped cases and bracelets that look exactly like a bangle. These feminine pieces are available in rose gold and stainless steel with some designs coated in dazzling diamonds. Finally, one of the brand’s newest luxury watch collections is the Georg Jensen Concave which challenges the conventional design of a modern watch and transforms it into something entirely new. Created by Swiss designer Nicolas Barth Nussbaumer, the Concave watch showcases a dial and case that are completely integrated to give the impression of a single, modernistic form.

If you would like to learn more about the Georg Jensen jewellery and watches, head over to the C W Sellors website here where you can find all their latest collections available to order today.

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