Cyrus Watches Collection Review

Cyrus Watches Collection Review

Bold, brilliant and truly innovative, we thought it was about time to talk about Cyrus watches. We wouldn’t be too surprised if you had never heard of them before considering they are a fairly new and independent manufacturer, but if you are an avid watch collector or just love to be in the know about the latest models, then make sure to keep Cyrus Watches on your radar. 

The story of Cyrus watches is based on the life of Cyrus the Great, a conqueror who established the Achaemenid Empire 550 years before Jesus Christ. Ensuring that each model remains true to its original inspiration, an identical copy of a 2,500 year old coin is adorned on the case back which was fashioned during the reign of Cyrus. The significance of this coins lies in its connotations, where the images of a lion and a bull become symbols of the authority during the reign of Cyrus the Great. The coin was also the first currency in the world and is considered of great historic value. Cyrus in Switzerland now own the original and believe that by decorating the back of their Klepcys watch collection with it, they are immortalising its history.

Despite having deep historic value, Cyrus watches appear to be some of the most technically advanced timepieces I have seen in a while. They feature common functions in completely uncommon forms, such as some of the Cyrus Klepcys watch designs that boast an array of overlapping functions powered by exotic complications. Many will probably complain that a watch should display the time easily and first impressions of some of the Cyrus watches will look incredibly complicated. But once explained, it becomes effortless and enjoyable. Let’s take the Cyrus Klepcys Titanium DLC White Gold Limited Edition model 539.002.A for example. The disc in the absolute centre of the dial is the seconds function, and around that is the minute disc. Hours are then more obviously displayed on a scale to the left. To tell the time, all you do is locate the hour hand – which is interestingly also the minute hand –  and as the hour hand moves so does the minutes disc along with it.

Cyrus Klepcys Titanium DLC White Gold Limited Edition model 539.002.A

The key principle of the Cyrus watch brand is to find the perfect balance between tradition and innovation and having worked with some of Switzerland’s greatest watch makers including Jean-Francois Mojon, this principle brightly shines through in their collections. Cyrus watches epitomise luxury and aren’t an easily affordable purchase, but they would certainly make a unique and interesting addition to a watch enthusiast’s collection. If you want any more information about Cyrus watches or are looking to purchase one, click here.

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