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Alexander Shorokhoff – Discover the STUNNING Autumn Model

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Following in the footsteps of the brand’s famous Winter watch, Alexander Shorokhoff launches their new Alexander Shorokhoff Autumn model. Characterised by its golden and brown tones, this luxury timepiece is the embody of the fall season with a dark orange dial, yellow gold leaf detailing and diamond dust finished in orange. The Alexander Shorokhoff Autumn watch also features a warm chocolate case, a red…

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Alexander Shorokhoff – Unboxing the Tourbillon Picassini

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The new Alexander Shorokhoff Tourbillon Picassini celebrates the legendary  artist of Pablo Picasso. His avantgardistic and provocative masterpieces are some of the most significant of the 20th century and through the dial of this limited edition, his work continues to inspire numerous artists around the world. At the centre of the Alexander Shorokhoff Tourbillon Picassini watch are two faces, one of a man, dominating, jagged and rough…

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Alexander Shorokhoff – A Look at the STUNNING Karo 3

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When it comes to creating rare and beautiful watches, Alexander Shorokhoff are masters. For their latest release, they introduce the new Alexander Shorokhoff Karo 3 watch which beautifully combines the edgy aesthetics of a skeletonized dial with traditional tartan detailing. The plaid watch strap pairs with the criss-cross finish of the openwork dial which in turn reveals the 3133.AS manual winding movement within. As official…

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Alexander Shorokhoff Crazy Eyes Limited Edition Watch Review

Watch News Watch Reviews January 12, 2022 0 Comments

Luxury watch brand Alexander Shorokhoff don’t get talked about nearly as much as they deserve. These rare, avant-garde timepieces are made in Alzenau, Germany where the brand was founded in 1992; here they hand paint and engrave every distinctive design taking inspiration from different cultures, histories and arts. The latter is where Alexander Shorokhoff get their encouragement for today’s release,…

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