The £320 Tissot PRX That’s Just as Pretty as the Patek Tiffany Watch

The £320 Tissot PRX That’s Just as Pretty as the Patek Tiffany Watch

If you’re one of the many looking for an alternative to the coveted Patek Nautilus Tiffany Blue watch, look no further. Swiss watchmaker Tissot has been hiding an integrated masterpiece in their vast portfolio of luxury sports watches with a similar green turquoise dial. Retailing at just £320, the Tissot PRX watch under reference T1374101109101 is the perfect affordable option for those looking to get their “Tiffany blue” fix.

It’s without a doubt that the biggest trend in the luxury watchmaking world right now is the “Tiffany blue” dial. It all started when Patek Philippe collaborated with Tiffany & Co to create a gorgeous light blue-dialled Patek Nautilus limited to just 170 pieces. It was made apparent pretty quickly that the watch was not going to make it to the wrists of “regular” folk, instead landing with celebrities like Jay-Z, Lebron James, and Leonardo DiCaprio. In fact, only one member of the general public was able to buy one and it was brought at auction for $6.5 million. It’s not often a single watch makes such an impact so quickly, but the Patek Tiffany watch certainly has, and as expected luxury watch brands everywhere are cashing in on the trend. Affordable Swiss watch manufacturer Tissot is one of them with their incredibly well-priced Tissot PRX T1374101109101 watch becoming one of their fastest selling models.

Since it’s the whole reason we’re here, let’s start by taking a look at the Tissot PRX’s dial. In the photos that we’ve included in this review, the dial appears to be a pale mint green, but trust us when we say in person, the dial is substantially brighter. The Tissot PRX watch under reference T1374101109101 changes colour depending on the light, appearing a vivid turquoise green colour in some and a lighter blue in others. Its shade is extraordinary close to the blue used by Tiffany & Co and in turn, the colour used on the Patek Nautilus watch. The surface is brushed, with soft vertical lines spanning down its length and is joined by silvered faceted hour markers and three slim hands for the hours, minutes and seconds.  The hour and minutes and indexes are set with subtle Superluminova inserts for glow in the dark readability and a date window sits at 3 o’clock.

The case of the Tissot PRX Mint Green watch retains the 1970’s inspired aesthetic of the entire series. The stainless steel architecture is uniquely tonneau-shaped with brushed finishing and pairs with a fixed bezel which stands out beautifully against the rest of the matte case for its bright polishing. The shiny finish of the bezel brings even more attention to the Tiffany blue dial at the centre. The case measures to 40mm in diameter which for many (us included) is the crème de la crème of sizes for an integrated sports watch. It sits perfectly on most sized wrists and with the beautiful, tapering links of the bracelet, it moulds comfortably against the skin. The Tissot PRX watch’s case is completed by a 100 metre water resistant rating and sapphire crystal glass.

The only real critique we have on the Tissot PRX Tiffany Blue watch is that it’s a quartz. Not that there’s anything wrong with a quartz watch, because the end of the day it’s for this reason the watch retails at only £320. But we can’t help but wish there was an automatic version of this model with a stunning exhibition case back. With that said, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Tissot revel in this colour’s current popularity and launch an automatic winding model soon (if that happens, we’ll be the first to let you know!). Alongside the lower retail price, another benefit of the quartz movement is the Tissot PRX’s slimmer case which stands at only 10.4mm. 

If you like the look of the Tissot PRX watch under reference T1374101109101, you can find it on the Jura Watches website here. We have also written another article all about Tiffany Blue dial watches here if you’d like to explore some other Patek Nautilus Tiffany alternatives. You can also get help and advice from the Jura Watches team by calling 01335 453453 or by sending us a message at

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