Bremont Watch DH-88 Limited Editions Review

Bremont Watch DH-88 Limited Editions Review

Out of the clouds and onto the runway, the brand new Bremont watch DH-88 Limited Editions have landed and are now ready to pre-order. The two new glistening additions, available in both stainless steel and solid 18 carat rose gold, only further cement Bremont’s identity in the watchmaking and aviation world.

But before going into all the technical features and specifications of the two releases, it doesn’t seem right to ignore the British tradition of storytelling. So, from the stuff of aviation legends, let me tell you the story behind the new limited edition Bremont watches.


Trailing the clear skies and 11,300 miles between Mildenhall in Suffolk England to Flemington Race Course in Melbourne Australia, pilots Charles Scott and Tom Campbell-Black were flying in one of the greatest air races of all time. But they weren’t flying just any aircraft, they had control over the Havilland DH-88 Comet plane… and with it they became heroes.

When the race was first completed in 1919, the Smith brothers finished the journey in 27 days while repeated attempts saw the time gradually reduced to just over 7 days up until 1934. But when Scott and Black took to the skies, they overcame exhaustion, bad weather and a terrifying incident involving a blown engine above the Timor Sea, to complete the race in a record-breaking and mouth-dropping 3 days.

The journey that the DH-88 Comet plane and its two pilots completed echoes Bremont’s own, who have not only overcome many trial and errors throughout their history but share the same values of quality British engineering and the desire to create a lasting impression on the world of aviation and timekeeping. To celebrate this unconditional and irrevocable relationship, each Bremont watch DH-88 Limited Edition watch includes a piece of the original spruce plywood from the undercarriage of the real DH-88 Comet aircraft, a magical sentiment that makes these timepieces even more extraordinary.

Bremont Watch DH-88 Limited Editions in Rose Gold
Bremont Watch DH-88 Limited Editions in Rose Gold

Now let’s get into the technical stuff…

Both models are powered by the BE-54AW chronometer rated chronograph movement which promises a power reserve of up to 42 hours as well as a 24 hour GMT function, a tribute to the Comet DH-88 plane that was designed for intercontinental flights. Housed beneath the sapphire crystal glass, the crisp and effortless to read dial is decorated in a fine opalin matte black base colour and set with period Arabic numerals, silver white sub dials and polished nickel hands. To complete the timepiece, a dark brown alligator leather strap is added alongside a pin buckle to match the 43mm gold or stainless steel case. The majority of the elements that go into making these breathtaking limited edition models are handcrafted within the company’s workshop in England.

Through the tremendous engineering achievements of the Comet DH-88, the plane secured its rightful place in aviation history, and by following the same principles of quality, determination and mastery, we believe the Bremont watch DH-88 Limited Editions will do the same. With only 82 pieces available of the Rose Gold model and 282 pieces of the Stainless Steel, we really recommend placing a pre-order for your favourite before they land on someone else’s wrist.

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