The Bremont Terra Nova Limited Edition Watch

The Bremont Terra Nova Limited Edition Watch

The Bremont Watch Supermarine GMT Titanium Terra Nova Limited Edition watch became a life line for the renowned polar explorer, Ben Saunders and companion Tarka L’Herpinere. The adventurous duo walked from Scott’s hut located on the north shore of Ross Island in Antarctica to the South Pole with the limited edition timepiece secured tightly to the outside of their polar jackets. The challenging route was then reversed ensuring that the 1,795 mile trek broke world records as Saunders and L’Herpinere became the first to complete the Scott’s route to the South Pole.

The Terra Nova chronometers were specifically chosen for the Antarctic expedition due to their lightweight titanium Supermarine with GMT functionality and specially oiled mechanical movement. A battery operated device would not suffice with the temperatures reaching to extreme cold, low levels. The exquisite timepiece is able to measure longitude and has the ability to point to the South Pole using the GMT watch hand and the sun.

Ben Saunders

Ben began working with Bremont in 2010, which increased in the lead up to the expedition. To ensure that the new watch would excel competitors in terms of design and durability numerous collaborative meetings between the British expedition team and British watch company were essential. From experience, Ben expressed concern regarding the weight of the watch as the polar explorer’s would already be hauling their own supplies via a sled and therefore did not need any additional weight. The incredibly lightweight watch, manufactured from aircraft-grade titanium was the answer without compromising on performance and dramatically increased the strength – a crucial element for an explorer’s watch.

Ben Saunders Antartic Expedition

The Limited Edition watch has a special vibration mount incorporated in to the mechanical movement to protect against extreme shocks and to act as a thermal insulator. To ensure that the mechanical automatic movement could operate under extreme temperatures tests were carried out up to -40 degree Celsius – at this point the quartz counterparts stop functioning. The Terra Nova is also water resistant up to 500m, which again is a vital feature of the well thought out chronograph.

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