A Tour Through the CT Scuderia Collections!

A Tour Through the CT Scuderia Collections!

CT Scuderia watches are Swiss made to standards of excellence – there is no ignoring that statement! On first observations what we see is a collection of beautifully manufactured time keeping devices – this is true, but what’s more is that they carry an undeniable, unique identity – a style and presence which is just impossible to confuse with any other brand on the market right now. CT Scuderia have honed into a  rare and gifted opportunity. The designers at the Italian brand’s headquarters decided to extract all of those concepts of which they find the most fascinating about the motorcycle industry and fuse them with contemporary designs to create a bold and fearless image that has crept up to seduce those who we would least expect to stray from their trusty Seiko watch or bold U-Boat companion.  But these powerful weapons which mimic the gears and dashboard devices of world-class motorcycles sit as one with the wearer, offering practicality and flawless, show-stopping creativity – a temptation difficult to battle with when it comes to Swiss mechanics and Italian beauty. Here we take a look at the varying family groups which, despite their individual characteristics, manage to somehow come together to create a mastery of symbiotic inspiration.

The Corsa Collection:CT 1

Using the same leather that dresses the interior of luxury sports cars, the Corsa Collection is one of CT Scuderia’s most distinctive designs. Based on the style and efficiency of their Corsa neck stopwatch which was produced with pushers of different sizes and dimensions so that they could be used with efficiency and without having to reference the start/stop and split functions, Corsa watches are the perfect ,mechanism for elite sport racing.

The Saturno Collection:

ct 2Deeply inspired by the Italian manufactured motorcycle, the Gilera Saturno, this CT Scuderia collection reflects strongly Margaritelli’s passion for the legendary motorbike which was driven by Umberto Masetti when it won the 1950 500 cc World Championship. The Saturno watches are built with chunky hour and minute indices and an eye catching chronograph function dressed in colours of the Italian flag.



The Fibra Di Carbonio Collection:cts 3

The designers at CT Scuderia have developed this breed of watch with comfort and practicality in mind for the wearer. Engineered with carbon fibre, the Fibre Di Carbonio timepieces are lightweight yet incredibly strong. Woven in unidirectional formats, the carbon fibre is embedded into a resin matrix which uses a special machine to evenly apply the material to the surface of the watch structure.

The Street Racer Collection:

cts 3Symbolising the golden-era for motorcycling, the 1950’s represents a turning point in history for the manufacturing of motorcycles and the Isle of Man TT Races event. The Street Racer Collection mirrors the technology used within the motorcycle industry at this time. The smoothly brushed stainless steel casing which encapsulates a high-precision quartz battery strengthens CT Scuderia’s reputation for high-grade materials and long-lasting resilience.


The 2 Tempi Collection:

Each CT Scuderia watch within the 2 Tempi collection is built with two Swiss movements and cts 5offers a second timezone. Inspired by the two-stroke engine Cafe Racer bike, the Kawasaki 500 cc which produces twice the amount of power than a four-stroke engine. The distinctive two crown situated at the 6 and 12 o’clock locations are a rare feature and one which works beautifully with the detailed carbon fibre dial and luminescent indices and hour indexes.

The Scrambler Collection:

cts 6Marking a major milestone in CT Scuderia’s development, the Scrambler Collection represents the first square-shaped case. Taking the name from the off-road motorcycles which are used in the more strenuous types of auto-races, the leather, NATO and bracelet style watches offer an interchangeable look with a dramatic statement. The Lumi Bright Night Vision numerals emphasize the four-piece construction which comes equipped with a 12 hour quartz movement and striking chronograph function.


The Dirt Track Collection:

Paying tcts 7ribute the old-style discipline found in traditional dirt track racing, the wearer, similar to the motorcycling drivers themselves, can show off their true passion and personality with a CT Scuderia timepiece  from the Dirt Track Collection. Designed with an oval shape dial to mirror the oval racetrack, known as the ultimate test for man, the watches are fitted with a perforated rubber strap and beautiful red accents to the 60 minute marker and sub-dial hand. The CT Scuderia Dirt Track models are the perfect representation of stamina and speed.

The Dashboard Collection:cts 8

Replicas of the most iconic speedometers found in vintage motorbikes and automobiles, the models from the CT Scuderia Dashboard Collection boast features such as the 6 o’clock crown located at the spot where the original kilometre re-set button was situated.


The Master Time Collection:

cts 9Visually giving birth to his Grandfather’s artisan dream, the CT Scuderia watches found within the Master Time collection are a product of Margaritelli’s enthusiasm for blending his rich family heritage with new age designs. The automatic chronograph movement offers 40hours of power reserve and oscillates at 28 800 vph. Embodying the concept of a pocket watch but worn on the wrist, the timepieces from the Master Time collection evoke a traditionally classic charm. (CTS-046)

The full CT Scuderia collections can be enjoyed here.

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