SevenFriday V-Series Teaser!

SevenFriday V-Series Teaser!

Shrouded in a black veil and mysterious smoky backdrop, the new SevenFriday V-Series tease has arrived from the brand this week….

Delivered in silence, a worldwide audience will undoubtedly be left in awe of what appears to be a new case construction and if possible – an even sleeker and sharper profile. The mystery and overpowering anticipation for the new arrival is already infecting the hearts and minds of devoted enthusiasts in all four corners of the globe with the brand’s usual bout of intoxicating excitement! But what surprises will the new addition behold? As whispers swarm up and down the country, a number of rumours have been released to whet the appetite and titillate the imagination over the newcomer’s identity. Varying concept watches have been drawn up of the anonymous  model including a cartoon edit, a diving watch, even a fluorescent pink watch from SevenFriday Scandinavia. But the artistically-inspired masters of presentation are giving nothing away this time. What is certain is that the V-Series conjures up the same hypnotic hype as with their previous irresistible family members, sending people into what can only be considered as a “SevenFriday frenzy”.

Representing the more boutique side of the watch industry, SevenFriday founder Daniel Niederer dedicated 15 years to the art of watch making before discovering the innovative brand which implements Japanese movements and rugged case constructions designed on Victorian machinery. Discovered in Zurich in 2012, the brand secures a unique positioning amongst Swiss manufactured watches, yet their models bring entirely new concepts to the wrists of watch connoisseurs from all walks of life. SevenFriday have developed an almost cult-like following over the last three years, much of its popularity lending itself to the brand’s imaginative zest and unique inventiveness. SevenFriday’s successful line of pedigree watches comprise of the P-Series which uses a core case of steel but with a number of different polished finishes, silicone rings and varied colours. Aesthetically speaking and probably for the first time we have been able to say this, SevenFriday watches are not all that versatile. The creations sit within their own bracket of dynamism and cleverness with a strong sense of daring individuality, so choosing to invest in one of these instrumental tools is simply buying into the tastes and style of their creators whilst also tapping into the designers’ intelligence for an insight into the need and desires for such an abstract work of art. With such a polarising industrial look the M-Series followed shortly afterwards, using the same basic silhouette as the P creations that mimic vintage styled television screens, however SevenFriday made subtle changes to the dial with the addition of concentric discs to represent minutes, hours and seconds. All SevenFriday watches so far have lacked the traditional hour and minute hands display. Instead their identity is established through wheel spoke indices, whimsical design elements and overlapping textural dial layers. Niederer has shared what appears to be considered quite a carpe diem approach to life and his watches – a philosophy adopted by many of his bona fide connoisseurs. The question which remains in the minds of those who have caught the SevenFriday bug once again, is whether the new model will embody the brand’s same rich designs and varied textures?

What we can expect for sure is that the explosiveness of the new release, which is set to send SevenFriday fanatics into delirium once again will see the new watch resting no longer than a few seconds on the shelves before landing themselves onto the committed wrists of the 21st Century Alpha male.

Keep a look out for up-to-the-minute information on the new SevenFriday V-Series here.

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