The Muhle Glashutte Terrasport I Beobachter: A Pilot’s Best Friend.

The Muhle Glashutte Terrasport I Beobachter: A Pilot’s Best Friend.

The new and stunning 44mm Beobachter from Muhle Glashutte’s exquisite Terrasport I collection, encompasses the highest level of technology with a traditionally styled pilot design.

muhle terrasport beobachter 1When browsing through the selection of pilot watches on offer from established luxury brands such as Breitling, Oris and the likes of Bremont, many primarily focus on either a functionality aspect, or alternatively dedicate their time in refining a cutting edge design to achieve that unique winning factor over their leading competition. The Muhle Glashutte Terraport I Beobachter supplier model number M1-37-37-4-LB, effortlessly manages to incorporate the perfect balance of both style and substance, to create a breathtaking masterpiece, laced with beautifully crafted elements which tick all of the right boxes for any true admirer of an independently manufactured work of art. The German term for “large observer watches”, Muhle Glashutte’s vital component within the new Terrasport I Beobachter timepiece, is “Beobachtungsuhtren” – a time keeping device which demands a considerable level of quality and precision. Watches produced for the air force were developed to aid on-board navigators with a number of abilities. Pilot watches of the time needed to be highly legible, consistent, extremely reliable and needed to be able to successfully determine the position of the airplane whilst in flight. Only timepieces that had undergone hours of dedicated mechanical engineering from the highest skilled watchmakers in the world could make the grade – Muhle Glashutte being one of them! The original collection from the iconic German brand comprised of two different versions – that of the large numerals and a minute scale on the edge, and a second version equipped with a separated outer minute circle to the smaller inner hour scale. Regardless of the clear change of direction in terms of design, the Muhle Glashutte watch collections have remained completely committed to their historical functionality, by ensuring that no practical element of the new watch has been compromised whilst revamping its visual appeal.

Fundamentally the Muhle Glashutte Terrapsort I Beobachter allows the wearer to read the time very quickly thanks to the application of a crisp muhle terrasport beobachter 2layout in data dressed in bright white which contrasts greatly against the jet black coated dial. The Beobachter, like models of its historic ancestors, provide help in navigation and to define the results of aerial reconnaissance. The style of the new timepiece follows those traits found within the characteristics of the Muhle Glashutte Muhle Glashutte Terrasport collection in general – the clean relaxed dial offering relief against a diamond-sharp pair of hour and minute hands, etched with Super LumiNova coated treatment and encased within a simplistic structure making up the brushed stainless steel body of the bezel. The robust case follows the fluid contours of its framework to reach the gentle curvature of a solids set of steel lugs where the timepiece is perfectly executed on a black leather strap with white stitching and a matching stainless steel pin buckle for maximum wearer comfort. The traditional form of the Terrasport model hosts a number of features which must remain consistent with all other Muhle Glashutte thoroughbreds for the watch to perform with that magic which we all enjoy so much. A beautiful transparent case back consisting of scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass has been treated with anti-glare properties to both sides, allowing the wearer a unique insight into the internal workings of the new masterpiece. Self luminous treatment has also been applied to the hour indices to provide ultimate legibility during low light situations or poor weather conditions, whilst a stop seconds function is also provided, enabling timing to the exact second to be achieved through an open arrangement of the duplex dial structure and the brands exquisite fine scaling decoration, enhanced by the red apex of the second hand and matching injection of red hue to the 12 o clock mark. The SW 200-1 movement equipped with Muhle Glashutte’s own rotor and characteristic surface finishes, provides the beating heart with a 38 hour power reserve and performs under depths of 50 meters of water. A combination of a classically designed dial layout, infused with retro style references from the white stitched leather strap create a link back in time to the pioneering era reminiscent of both the aviation and the timekeeping industry. The Muhle Glashutte Terrasport I Beobachter timepiece is also available in a cream dial with a brown buffalo strap, lending the timepiece a vintage-inspired look, albeit with a modern twist. All-in-all the automatic movement powers a beautifully structured, woodpecker neck regulated timepiece with tidy easy-read decoration, a well rounded layout and a relaxed air of clarity for maximum pilot efficiency. The Terasport I Beobachter is a breath of fresh air amongst the brand’s already well established pilots range, allowing the modern-day flyer an ability to clearly and precisely navigate their way through the air with precision and intelligence. The watch manages to keep in trend with the traditional style aviation pieces yet also sports modern components of professional functionality.

More information on the Muhle Glashutte Terrasport I Beobachter watch priced at a very reasonable £1180.00 can be found Muhle Glashutte Beobachter Collection.

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