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As part of the Montblanc UltraBlack collection, this limited edition Montblanc Summit Lite smartwatch showcases the new Montblanc pattern on the watches’ leather strap as well as on the watch face. The way the black-on-black pattern is seamlessly transitioning from the strap to the watch face gives this Montblanc Summit Lite watch a sleek modern look, while keeping the Montblanc elegance.

The Montblanc Summit Lite smartwatch is Montblanc’s proposition for those who want to maximize their performance and prioritize a healthy and active lifestyle. Its set of Montblanc proprietary activity apps paired with its lightweight materials distinguish the Montblanc Summit Lite smartwatch from the classical Montblanc Summit smartwatch range. With this addition, the Montblanc Summit Lite watch opens up new opportunities for clients to focus on health and well-being.