Introducing the newest additions to the Rado Coupole Classic Collection!

Introducing the newest additions to the Rado Coupole Classic Collection!

Rado are considered masters of reinvention. Turning their visions into concrete realities, their boundary pushing in material technology has allowed the brand to continually introduce new benchmarks for watch making. For those of you that have marvelled over Rado’s genius innovations over the last few years, namely 2002 which marked the year of the hardest watch, you will certainly appreciate how their philosophy goes from strength to strength with each new creation.

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Rado watchmakers have always struck me as a company so “in tune” with contemporary practicality that almost every other rival brand would struggle to equal their professional and seamless works of art. Rado have effortlessly mastered the skill in fusing beautiful, timeless designs with the highest level of material strength, fuelled further by their unstoppable courage and determination of course! But hardness alone is not enough. Rado’s pioneering history runs a lot deeper than the structure of their materials. It is the blend of ingredients that come together to make something rather exceptional and the Rado Coupole Classic collection demonstrates this remarkably. The choice to incorporate high-tech ceramic with platinum coloured finishes, the sharpness of the sapphire crystal glass, the lustrous quality of the Top Wesselton coloured diamonds and the warming textures of an authentic leather strap amount to an extraordinary recipe for discovery and invention. We now see our interests moving away from the emphasis applied to their commitmerado coupole 4nts on durability and robustness, instead turning towards the individual personalities within their unique collections.


The captivating Coupole Classic collection marks yet another pivotal role in the revelation known to mankind as “The Rado Experience”. Built with ultra-resilience and installed with layers of confidence, the Rado Coupole Classic series manifests itself through a number of versatile platforms, each with their own take on the brand’s iconic 1960’s style profiles. If I was to describe the collection solely by the eye, I would use the words “refined”…” simplistic” … with an “even-cleanliness” to their stark aesthetic maybe? But to wear on the wrist, these new associates to the Rado breed take first impressions to a whole new level. Designed on black, white, silver or ivory dials, decoration takes the form of traditional Roman numerals, elongated baton style indexes or diamond dots – all of which we recognise as true signature rado coupole 2Rado styles. Yet the latest additions to the Coupole range certainly adopt a character of their own. With vintage undertones courtesy of textured Guilloche techniques and palette contrasts consisting of rose gold bezels sitting on chocolate brown leather straps, the range personifies an unbeatable elegance and sophistication at a time when we possibly considered the scope of Rado’s talents to have reached its pinnacle. The members of this intuitive family facilitate an all-round friendliness in that their gold, stainless steel and PVD coated diameters stretch from the feminine dimensions of just 27mm to the courageous 38mm statements. Fitting the watch to the wrist instantly becomes an effortless pleasure thanks to the easily foldable push-button release mechanismrado coupole 1 to its integrated clasp which is always welcomed as an advantageous tool. The Rado Coupole Classic styles reference clean lines, sharp angles and sleek faces honoured by a high-precision ETA movement to offer the finest service in Swiss mechanical engineering. Although the Rado Coupole collection cannot boast of any high-tech materials to the case structure itself, many of the additions boast middle bracelet links in high-tech ceramic or Ceramos™ whilst other timepieces radiate and audacity and edgy visual appeal which illustrates the brand’s assured drive in delivering quality products regardless of the model’s intended purpose. For those of you who are searching for contemporary refinement, intensified by new-age designs, the Rado Coupole Classic collection promises to fulfil those desires in one fell swoop.

More information on the complete Rado Coupole collection can be viewed here.

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