Your Guide To The Best Muhle Glashutte Watches!

Your Guide To The Best Muhle Glashutte Watches!

Owning your own Muhle Glashutte watch collection is a little like appreciating the science behind art. In order to achieve perfect balance between colours, textures and skill in creating a unique piece of artwork, each element must have the ability to work in equilibrium with one another. Similar to the instrumental tools used by the designers at Muhle Glashutte head quarters to produce their beautifully engineered wristwatches for mariners and pilots today, their composition of mechanical expertise consists of high-precision, reliability and a blend of hard wearing materials.  Here we take a look at a few watches that we feel best reflect the Muhle Glashutte collection in terms of style, substance and compatibility. Muhle Glashutte’s finest representations of their exquisite craftsmanship which still holds value in its name after 146 years, consist of nautical-inspired designs with functional features that are also shared with their pilot pieces.

If you are looking for amuhle glashutte blog 1 new development from the watch masters this year, the new and stunning 44mm Beobachter from Muhle Glashutte’s exquisite Terrasport I collection (product number M1-37-34-4-LB) priced at £1180.00 is the latest addition to encompass the highest level of technology with a traditionally styled pilot design. Muhle Glashutte’s vital component within the new Terrasport I Beobachter timepiece, is “Beobachtungsuhtren” – a time keeping device which demands a considerable level of quality and precision. Watches produced for the air force were developed to aid on-board navigators with a number of abilities including high legibility, consistency and extreme reliability. The Muhle Glashutte Terrapsort I Beobachter ticks all of these boxes in one fell swoop! You are able to read the time instantly and easily, which is the fundamental  beauty within this stealthy three-hander. The design of the timepiece also makes best use of the ubiquitous line markers which decorate the dial periphery.

From the M29 collection, Muhle Glashutte have introduced another newbie to the already well established Clamuhle glashutte blog 2ssic family. The functionality of the Muhle Glashutte M29 Einzeiger watch (product number M1-25-59-LB) priced at £1270.00 harks back to the original one-handed measuring gauges by R. Muhle &  Sohn and owns a clear dial layout which works in complete harmony with its sensible design. If you are searching for an elegant and relaxed statement to add to your collection, the timepiece willingly evokes sophistication infused with an expert, contemporary blend of engineering. The subtlety of the chocolaty brown shades melting through from the leather strap, contrast beautifully with the vintage cream backdrop of the dial, encapsulating an artistic side to the brand’s creative direction. A fortifying coat of stainless steel armour protects the modified Sellita SW200-1 movement to deliver impeccable precision whilst its surrounding airtight seal promises 100m water resistance, so this is a timepiece which can be used for day-to-day wear whilst effortlessly retaining sophisticated composure.

The Muhle Glashutte Tmuhle glashutte blog 3eutonia II Grossdatum Chronometer Limited Editions, dressed in a  very sophisticated silver or velvety midnight blue are limited to 250 pieces and make for a perfect wristwatch to dress up with evening attire for those special anniversaries or work events. Priced at £3350.00, the German Limited Edition automatic features a large display (41mm) providing optimal readability and a harmonious clarity to the face, making it a perfect investment piece for the future which is guaranteed to keep its timeless appeal. A muhle glashutte blog 4fetching clutter-free background behind a stunning, date aperture and small seconds sub dial at 6 o clock, constitutes a delicate topography of finely detailed patterning. The eye-catching finish is known as the Guilloche technique which uses engine turning to create a delicate and mechanically intricate texture. In addition to the watch’s seductive appeal, this timepiece has a certification according to the German Industrial Standard for wrist chronometers by the Glashutte observatory.

The Muhle Glashutte Antaria Chronograph  priced at £3030.00 uses a very similar design to the Teutonia Grossdatum Chronometer but shrouded in an inky-black velvety dial (product number M1-39-57-LB) , the bright, nickel plated, rose gold hour and minute indices and matching Arabic hour markers, make for a dramatic contrast against its robust case which follows the fluid contours of its framework to reach the gentle curvature of a solids set of steel lugs. The timepiece is perfectly executed on a black leather strap and a matching stainless steel pin buckle for maximum wearer comfort making the Antaria Chronograph, the perfect companion for both casual and elegant attire. The particularly large sapphire crystal glass back allows for a light flooded insight into the mechanical operations of the watch’s internal environment. As the chronograph to this timepiece is all about reliability it is fitted with a three quarter plate and fine regulation to ensure its technical detailing remains a functional highlight when adorned.  If you are looking for value for your money, a timepiece from the Antaria collection will see that it lives up to its responsible role in companionship.

More information on the entire Muhle Glashutte collection can be found here.

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