Christian Dior Mens Watches and the ‘Chiffre Rouge’ collection

Christian Dior Mens Watches and the ‘Chiffre Rouge’ collection

Of the three collections of Christian Dior watches the Chiffre Rouge collection is the one that attempts and succeeds in re-writing a watch-making classic for men. In these unique timepieces technical performance is brought together with a sustainable design that sits comfortably with the instantly recognisable luxury lifestyle brand that is Dior Homme.

What gives the ‘Chiffre Rouge’ collection its unique and distinct identity is the asymmetrical architecture of its case, where the controls (including the winding crown and push-pieces on chronograph editions of the watch) are placed on an extended right side. ‘Chiffre Rouge’ watches also have a unique ‘steadfast’ calibe; an exceptional self-winding movement that was developed specifically for Dior Homme in limited and numbered editions by Zenith, the prestigious Swiss watch-makers.

Integral to the unique identity of Dior Homme’s ‘Chiffre Rouge’ is its design. Each timepiece has a pebble-like volume, with a curved crystal and brushed steel. The case-back is protected by a tinted crystal. And there is a guilloché winding crown. Scars are etched into the strap that are in style and keeping with the usual feel of Dior Homme.

Limited editions in this collection include the ‘Chiffre Rouge 102’, and the 103. The ‘Chiffre Rouge 103’ is limited to only 15 pieces. Besides the usual features associated with this collection, this specific edition has a sapphire crystal, and a yellow gold oscillating weight, case and bracelet. The crown is set with baguette and princess diamonds, and the transparent case-back is set with a diamond. The golden brushed dial is also set with princess diamonds.

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