Exploring Fope

Exploring Fope

It’s not very often at Horologii that we get to delve into the world of luxury jewellery, but when it comes to Fope it’s hard not to. The Italian manufacturer has been creating breathtaking collections of jewellery for nearly a century and they have more recently released some of our favourite things: Fope watches!

Fope has a truly fascinating history that goes back to 1929. It all started when a gentleman named Umberto Cazzola opened his first goldsmith’s workshop and alongside his Son, Odino, begun making watchstraps from luxury metals like gold and supplying them to some of Switzerland’s largest watch manufacturers. As they moved into their third generation, Fope decided it was time to take their vast wealth of experience and pour it into creating their own jewellery collections. To this day, Fope remains a family run business focusing on designing signature jewellery pieces and watches for women that stand out as a symbol for high quality Italian craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

Fope Flex’it Jewellery

Probably one of the brand’s most recognisable and successful collections is the Fope Flex’it jewellery. This breathtaking concept of flexible gold bracelets came to the brand in 1960 when they were working in their workshops in Vicenza. As they were creating watch straps for a variety of large Swiss watch manufacturers, they decided it was time to make flexible bracelets entirely and exclusively in gold that were both comfortable and breathtaking.

Fope Flex’it jewellery utilises a special technology and a soft gold mesh to allow the bracelets, necklaces and rings to mould effortlessly to the body.  Many of the Fope Flex’it jewellery pieces are also beautifully detailed with precious diamonds and multi-toned layers of gold including rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. The beauty of the Fope Flex’it jewellery collection, particularly the Fope Flex’it bracelets, is that they can also be stacked along the wrist for a statement finish.

You can shop Fope Flex’it jewellery here.

Fope Silverfope Jewellery

The Fope Silverfope jewellery collection uses the brand’s famous Flex’it technology but provides flexible bracelets, necklaces and rings in precious silver and palladium. Silverfope’s brilliant whiteness and shine are completely natural and the brand is proud to use no chemicals to achieve this unmissable finish. The collections of bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings under the Silverfope line are perfect for those looking to add a bit of sophistication to an outfit. Many of the designs are embellished with details of rose gold, diamonds, pearls and other natural coloured gemstones.

You can shop Fope Silverfope Jewellery here.

Fope Watches

The LadyFope watch collection is one of the brand’s most recent additions and is the first collection of Swiss made watches to use the Flex’it bracelet technology in a range of timepieces. They have incorporated tiny springs into the 18 carat mesh bracelets so that they mould effortlessly to the wrist and provide unbeatable comfort.

Designed to embody Italian design and elegance, each LadyFope watch ensures its exclusivity with a special edition number on the case back. Fope want the women that wear their watches to feel just as unique and breathtaking as the jewellery that they create. The Fope watch collection currently boasts 18 carat white gold and rose gold pieces with striking textured dial designs and sparkling diamond dot indices.

You can shop Fope LadyFope watches here.

There are plenty of other Fope jewellery collections to explore including stunning selections of Fope bracelets, Fope earrings, Fope necklaces, Fope rings and Fope watches. For the full collection and where to order your own, click here.

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