Traser’s Long Life

Traser’s Long Life

that come recommended from the field are much more likely to sell better with consumers. Companies that acquire sterling reputations over long periods of time spend less on marketing; the product is much more likely to sell itself.

Watch manufacturer Traser recently put the focus on its H3 P 6502 Long Life. They featured a story on their website from an individual on a “High-rise Emergency Aerial Response Team.”

Let’s face it: most of couldn’t stomach the reality of dangling over the side of a very tall building. In fact, most of would close our eyes and cling to the side, desperately wishing that we were someplace else. Now imagine that your livelihood depends upon it, and that you have to let go of the building in order to move around and do your job. Having a watch that doesn’t require an extra hand is a tremendous advantage in this precarious situation. These workers don’t just view this Traser watch as a timepiece; they probably consider it as another piece of equipment which appreciably improves safety. After all, the company which employs these individuals makes the Traser H3 P 6502 Long Life the standard issue watch for the job.

It’s the powerful illumination and the hands-free option which make the Traser so beloved. What’s more, the durability differentiates it from that of other manufacturers. It will stand up to a substantial amount of abuse. On the exterior of a skyscraper, there’s an abundance of moisture and high winds. In a swinging harness, these workers probably smack their watch against reinforced steel and glass every day. Dials can’t be cracking every time this happens.

It’s the devotion and respect that comes from customers which ultimately determines the fate of a company. As long as Traser can continue to win the hearts and minds of those who depend heavily upon rugged timepieces, they can anticipate great future success.

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