Sinn’s World Time Chronograph

Sinn’s World Time Chronograph

Sinn-144-Ti-DiapalThe Model 144 Titanium DIAPAL is the last of the five new watches released this October by Sinn watches: it is a world time chronograph with all the latest of Sinn’s patented technologies.

The display of a second time zone allows frequent flyers and world travellers to keep track of time in two different time zones with ease.

Its case is made of bead-blasted pure, but lightweight titanium. The matching solid bracelet is also bead-blasted titanium, but there is the option of a black, cowhide leather strap.

There is an exquisitely decorated movement, visible through the back through a sapphire crystal glass. The dial is made of galvanized anthracite, and features a tachymeter and a pulsometer scale. The front is also protected by an anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass.

This particular model is the first of the 144 model series that has been created using both the new DIAPAL lubricant-free and Ar dehumidifying technologies.

Sinn use a combination of specific materials that creates no friction, even without lubrication. The escapement then runs without the need for regular lubrication. This ensures long term accuracy of the movement.

Reliable functionality and accuracy is further enhanced by Sinn’s AR dehumidifying technology, which allows the the movement to be kept in an almost completely dry environment. This has the added effect of reducing ageing and preventing fogging on the crystal when the watch is suddenly exposed to cold temperatures.

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