All You Need To Know About The Sinn EZM 13 Diver’s Chronograph!

All You Need To Know About The Sinn EZM 13 Diver’s Chronograph!

ezm 13 1Sinn – developers of simple but highly functional wristwatches. One of the very few brands who claim the title of producing role-specific “tool watches” and really own it. The German brand have dedicated years of refining the art of watchmaking, honing into the needs and desires of their global enthusiasts to create a family of stunning, high-precision timekeepers that boast the latest progression in cutting edge technology. Sinn’s ever-evolving plethora of patented techniques are a credit to their philosophy and continue to support their ethos in providing supreme mechanical engines of time.

The Sinn EZM 13 is a diving chronograph built with a mission timer platform. The wearer-friendly dimensions of the case structure and sleek carbon black aesthetic make for the perfect example of the brand’s finest modern tool watch to date. Considering the Sinn EZM 13 is simple and stealthy in its focussed design and fits varied wrist sizes, the timepiece exudes a powerfully confident presence. The bead-blasted case bears a 41.5mm width and a 15mm thickness, so its chunky base stands out off the skin creating a strong sense of awareness. The Sinn watch is equipped with a number of protective features including anti-shock resistance, anti-magnetic resistance, low pressure resistance, temperature resistance and also includes the brand’s patented Ar-dehuezm 13 2midifying system.  To go into further detail, the anti-fogging facility in the Sinn EZM 13 prevents the ageing of the oils contained within the timekeeper, caused by moisture in the air which seeps into the sides of the case. The oils which are implemented inside the internal factories of Sinn’s watches are highly important in allowing ease of movement between the lubricated components, thus preventing wear and friction. Temperature changes within the atmosphere can also penetrate the watch, so the Ar-dehumidifying technology consisting of the drying capsule, EDR seals and a superior protective gas ensures that the infiltration of humidity and moisture to the Sinn EZM 13 is significantly prevented. Sinn’s water resistance to 500 meters has also been independently tested and certified in accordance with the German diving equipment standards – another quality adding leverage to the brand’s unprecedented talent. The Sinn EZM 13 is also cleverly protected from temperature extremes of -45°C to +80°C ensuring that the timepiece works flawlessly and with ultimate precision between these remarkable temperatures. The Sinn EZM 13 crop also come with a unidirectional bezel which works beautifully with the watch’s choice of strap materials. The sporty rubber strap features the Sinn lettering across it, matching the brand logo which sits underneath the twelfth hour mark of the dial. The leather strap offers a more traditional style for those opting for a modest and sophisticated statement, whilst the solid stainless steel bracelet matches the rest of the watch’s rugged appeal. Each link has been individually developed to mould to the wearer’s wrist, sitting flush with the skin to create a professional statement.

ezm 13 3The professional divers watch also has clear legibility. As readability plays a crucial role when under great depths of the sea, the Sinn EZM 13’s chiselled hour and minute hands are treated with a luminous application to allow the wearer to use the high performance instrument in environments where it is most needed. The positioning of the crown and push piece on the left hand side of he case encourages freedom of movement, a spacious concept that is repeated in the unique dial layout. The integrated SZ02 movement enables direct and easy reading of every second, right through to the 0-60 minute chronograph function which is read from the sub-dial at 6 o’clock  – a feature which Sinn define as a “mission timer”. Among all of Sinn’s exquisite features that make the EZM 13 the unique timekeeping weapon that it is, the most impressive element of all is its dependability factor. The clever integration solution of the 60 minute chronograph reader allows the diver to time two events at once and the pushers can effectively be used for safety stop depths, meaning that the incredibly reliable Sinn EZM 13 can be used as the wearer’s primary dive timer without the support of a dive computer or other technical equipment.

As sports watch meets professionalism, the Sinn EZM 13 is an incredible blend of intelligence and technique. Priced in the bracket of £1820.00 to £1920.00 depending on the strap finish, the Sinn EZM 13 generation can be admired in full here.

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