New Diving Watches from Sinn

New Diving Watches from Sinn

thumb_UX-S-GSG-9-EZM-2B-newSinn watches, a German specialist watchmaker, has just launched 5 new watches – one of which is for diving (models UX-S and UX-S-GSG). Sinn pride themselves in producing watches that perform under extreme and adverse conditions. Not surprisingly then, their UX model series are the official timepieces for the maritime squad of the German GSG 9 Special Forces – hence the name of the new model.

What makes Sinn’s diving range unique is their specially developed HYDRO technology. The watches are filled with a patented oil that makes the watch-face non-reflective underwater, and eliminates fogging. This feature, and the sapphire crystal glass with an anti-reflective coating, means the dial can be read at any angle.

thumb_UX-S-EZM-2B-newThe cases of these watches are treated with a patented coating technology that not only ensures the timepiece is significantly more robust, but allows for a black PVD coating that makes the watch suitable for everyday use, but eliminating the flaking so common in coloured coatings.

A temperature-stabilized chronometer quartz movement enables this watch to function reliably between -20 and +60 degrees Celsius.

The movement has a pressure resistance to a depth of 5000 m, and the case to a depth of 12000 m.

Other features include a captive diver´s bezel with 60-minutes-scale and luminous triangle.

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