Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Extremes releases: Basel 2015!

Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Extremes releases: Basel 2015!

Wow! Maurice Lacroix have done it again….

maurice 1Having undergone a makeover in 2013, to introduce a more modernistic approach within their professional field of expertise, Maurice Lacroise continue to conquer the art of producing stylish and sophisticated timepieces, but now with a twist. The Pontos collection brilliantly embeds a 21st century style. Their thoroughbreds convey a contemporary shape whilst characters endure to emerge with a brimful of substance and sharpness. Technical mastery has continued to be a very present quality within all of the lines produced by the Swiss brand over the years, however the Pontos S Extremes seem to be the first crop of expert chronographs to easily master embodying these values, whilst also conserving a sporty persona.

The new additions aspire to be bold and uniform as a comprehensive collection should be. Underpinning artistic perfection with pronounced shape, they are simply saturated in vibrant energy. Re-building on those distinguishable core features of the 2013 Pontos S Extremes– the new crop come with an undeniable robustness. They not only impress at first glance, but they personify masculinity whilst exhibiting a powerful appearance. Available in two different colours, the new Maurice Lacroix Ponto S Extreme are self assured and illustrate confidence both individually and collectively. Courtesy of the ML112 calibre, the watches promise accuracy and the wearer to be assured of a lifetime investment in reliability. The enviable design of 2013’s black Limited Edition version belongs to that of Henrick Fisker, also responsible for the BMW and maurice 2Aston Martin car emblems. The mechanism (patent-pending)  in charge of regulating time duration inside the watch through the crown, is linked to the push button thus activating a rotating bezel positioned on the inside of the watch case to work as a shock absorber. The exclusive to Maurice Lacroix POWERLIGHT® alloy consists of five elements that protect the skeleton structure of the watch whilst remaining a lightweight convention on the wrist. Zirconium, aluminium, magnesium, ceramic and titanium conjure up the perfect recipe for sandblasting onto the case to shield the all important underlying organs, whilst the push buttons and crown are made of pure titanium. The components of the Ponto S Extreme collection also undergo a chemical treatment called anodization which involves inserting colour pigments into the pores of the case material. The model is 43mm in diameter and available in a spring green or a yam orange. The black sandblasted background to the diamond cut counters and luminescent coated hands, fetches the sharp injection of colour right off of the 12-3 o’clock quarter-segment of the dial. The centre counters are black polished whilst the hands are varnished. Another unique feature is that of the matching second and minute hand hue with the inner rotating bezel – a striking aspect that is almost instantly noted on first impressions.

The watch is beautifully finished on a genuine textured calfskin strap with contrasting stitching and titanium ardillon buckle. Dedicated to watch purists and lovers of uncompromising beauty and precision, the Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Extreme allows the culture of modern, artistic design to go hand in hand with quality expert timekeeping.


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